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Global Auto Companies Should Dare To Change

100 years of history of the automotive industry

, but the industry is not as many people experience as calm and particularly in the attitudes towards outsiders. The automotive industry has high barriers to entry, but in fact, the xenophobic attitude is the root for this industry slow progress.

If nothing else, in 2013, JAC will come up with two products that surprised by Chinese companies, one is an independent development of the DCT gearbox; the other is the r new energy vehicles.

In China's automobile industry, JAC is a respectable business, but in passenger cars field, I expect most companies will not take JAC vehicle as competitors. The reason is simple, for passenger car manufacturers, JAC is an outsider.

With good people, with the right people, this is the capacity of enterprises. In this month's cover story, we deliberately set out Nissan marketing system, some of the outsiders; they once had worked in Procter & Gamble, TCL and other enterprises, the industry's rapid response and close to the customer, were transplanted to the Dongfeng Nissan, which achieved good results.

In fact, we look at global automotive companies, mostly in the past 2 to 3 years to do a similar adjustment. Ford, Alan Mulally from Boeing commercial sector to auto welding and cutting, Jimufali from Toyota to Detroit; Marcione from the aluminum into the Fiat, but also access to Detroit; As for the long-deification Carlos Ghosn, his experience accumulated in the Michelin and now he's in charge of leading Japanese companies started leading the electric vehicles trend.

Enterprises or industries development, there are two key points, first, breakthroughs; second, strategic transformation. Specific the individual, from 100 million, 1billion, 10 billion to 100 billion. This is definitely not like the slogan shouting numerous, but the new changes, from personnel management to the specific system, to the relationship between departments, to the balance of power, the market balance.

Dare focus on lengths, encourage practicing, Dongfeng Nissan's success does not come from luck. Auto industry needs some new voices, new ideas. We will also continue to focus on the future trend of this business.

Jacob from the general public into the Volvo North America headquarters as president, Mr. Li is an outsider in automotive industry, if not he, China still will not spread the theory of the four wheels of two sofas. Now, after acquisition of Volvo and invited the former president of Volkswagen Group in North America, who can dare to belittle the power of this private enterprises?

Even if they did not find the feeling, the automotive industry may be carried off speak right by the halfway companies, such as car infotainment system, Microsoft, Google and other unfamiliar name companies.

by: Amanda Xia
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Global Auto Companies Should Dare To Change