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Wireless Burgler Alarms: The Purchasing

The leaves out side stir slightly as a cool light breeze touches them

. The sunlight is untainted. The sky is perfectly blue. Last night, as storm blew through and now a young lady sits in front of me. Her straight hair is dark, and flows past her shoulders, and her eyelashes follow her sleepy blue eyes as they gaze over her computer. For her, in that moment, she is unreconciled with her own fate.

Hellen Frisk's journey started several months back when she began looking for ways of securing her home better. She had started to feel less and less secure in her neighborhood after a rash of break-ins, and one particularly violent incident that happened a few houses down. Despite the fact that the police had stepped up their efforts, nothing changed much.

Sadly she couldn't go for what she really wanted, which was a dog, since it was against the rules at her building. Anyway, she'd have a tough time caring for an animal large enough to protect her home, especially without a yard. The next best thing was some type of alarm system, but she wasn't sure where to start.

Ademco LynxBoth choices have a lot to offer. Each type has similar features and capabilities, but unfortunately the wired alarm systems were more difficult to install. Her property management company wasn't exactly responsive, and she didn't think she'd be able to get them to help her run wires in her walls. Even though it would have probably been possible to just run the wires along her walls, she didn't like how that would impact the appearance. That sealed it for her, that wireless was the way to go.

Now she just needed to decide on a brand. Napco Security Systems, DSC Alarm Systems, and Ademco Lynx turned out to be some of the better choices. The choice was actually pretty difficult. DSC does offer some "home monitoring". Additionally they offer features such as a panic button, 32 zone coverage, and large keypad buttons. Ademco is the other choice. The Vista 15P kit has the option of their "AlarmNet" communicator, which communicates alarm monitoring information wirelessly over the internet, which ensures proper operation even when the telephone lines are cut. The biggest selling point of the Napco alarm system was it's "IQ Profiler" feature which helps eliminate false positives. Ellen owns a cat. Since the IQ Profiler can distinguish between the movement of a cat, and that of an intruder this made for an ideal choice.

A couple of days ago Ellen had her mouth duct taped by an intruder that had broken in during the night. Her arms flailed about as she looked for anything to defend herself with. He grasped her by her arms, and she kicked. It was just enough to break free. She ran out, pulling the tape off. She heard her cat screech as the intruder tripped over him. He overpowered her, and the rest was a blur.

Fortunately none of it happened though. The reason is because before he ever got inside the apartment, I was watching over her and he new that. Watching over her furniture, her possessions, and even her cat, and now she sits in front of me on this beautiful morning quietly catching up on her email.

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