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Why Philippines Outsourcing Advantageous To American Companies

The Philippines was colonized by America almost fifty years ago

. The popular culture of the United States has permeated the culture of the Philippines to a large extent. This is very obvious in the music and movie industry of the country, as well as the lifestyle of the Filipinos. The awareness of the Philippines to American culture and business ethics has strengthened the bond between the Philippines and United States. The mutual understanding between these two countries ensures that services relocated to the Philippines will be done and delivered according to US standards.

The increase in the numbers of American companies that outsource services to the Philippines shows the effectiveness of the country in the business process outsourcing, or BPO, industry. American companies that are taking advantage of Philippine Outsourcing are enjoying the vast pool of resources that the country offers for lower rates; which are much lower than that of the western domestic market. The country is the most compatible offshore outsourcing partner for US from English language to cultural affinity. The long history of the Filipino-American relationship has made these two countries parallel to each other and for this reason the Philippines is a very ideal offshore outsourcing partner for American companies. No wonder the Philippines is known as a key player in the outsourcing industry and considered as the primary choice in the world of contact center services.

Strengths of Philippines as outsourcing destination for American companies

The country has a vast pool of competent and skilled workforce adept in the western culture. They can effectively deliver services as they can relate with their clients needs and demands. Companies of various sizes and industries can obtain excellent standard quality of products and services in the Philippines for a much lower cost and eliminate other overhead expenses.

The Philippines fulfill every dream of the company to reduce costs but improve productivity. The value of the peso is much cheaper than the value of a dollar. American companies can capitalize on this difference in economic status and exchange rate to double their workforce and have round the clock services without increasing capital expenditures.

Filipinos can speak American English fluently and understand it without difficulty. This skill makes them very good employees. Having the ability to communicate efficiently can expedite resolution of customers issues and problems and increase their satisfactory level to the services and products provided by companies.

The Philippine BPO staff is composed of employees with college degrees that are knowledgeable in different fields and are adept with the trends and changes in BPO industry. These fields include communication, science and technology. They are equipped with necessary skills needed to deliver services that are at par with the global standard. Filipinos are very familiar with the business standards and values of United States.

American companies with operations in the Philippines are being run and managed according to US business standards. For outsourcing providers in the Philippines, delivering services with the standards set by American companies is not a big challenge. Philippines outsourcing happens to have the most reliable workforce and resources that can deliver the demands of American companies.

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