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What To Include In A Business Telephone System

What To Include In A Business Telephone System

Are you starting up a small business or a home-based business

? Your business telephone system will be of the utmost importance. You want a telephone system for your business that meets the needs and demands of today's fast-paced and high-tech business environment, from the perspective of customers, prospects, and your own staff. Let's look at some of these all-important business telephone system features of today. (These will be listed numerically just for organization's sake; they're in no particular order of importance, as these are all features that you should consider.)

1) VoIP compatibility. This is a very important feature today, as it saves your business tons of money. A VoIP compatible system enables you to simply pay a low, up-front monthly fee in exchange for unlimited calling. You use your ground-line telephones and, typically, your signal is even clearer than it would otherwise be. Some common VoIP features include automatic e-mails about messages received, automatic call logging on an Internet database, and automated cell phone forwarding.

2) Voicemail. Where would the modern business world be without voicemail? You essentially never miss a call again, plus you are more able to screen out calls from people who are pests rather than prospects, cons rather than customers--and all without any need for an answering machine. Get a voicemail set-up that has as many useful features as possible.

3) Automated greetings and call forwarding. You'll never miss another opportunity, never let down another customer in need of help, or seem anything less than professional again with this feature. Although some people do get a little impatient and frustrated with it when they call, by and large they are sent to the right person or the right department without much effort on their part.

4) On-hold messages. What's so great about this for a business telephone system? The messages are customizable--so you can "talk to" customers and prospects even while they're on hold. Tell them about your company's latest initiatives or special sales, tell them about features and products that they may really want to know about, all while they wait. This also makes the wait time more personable for the caller.

These are just a few of the most important of the features available for a business telephone system today. Consider using them all.

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What To Include In A Business Telephone System