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What Are 03 Numbers? Is My Business Allowed To Use One?

What Are 03 Numbers? Is My Business Allowed To Use One?

0800 Numbers or freephone numbers are often used by many customers to get in touch with a business

. The main advantage of using an 0800 number is that the call is free for the user because the cost is borne by the business. Or so you think!

The fact is, the call is free only if it is made from a standard fixed line. Calls to 0800 numbers made from mobile phones are often charged, and whats more they are generally excluded from free inclusive minutes offered as part of a mobile networks bundle. The call cost can be up to 35 pence per minute. This translates into a significantly higher mobile phone bill and most unsuspecting customers do not understand that the reason for the increase in their mobile bill is because they make calls to 08 numbers from their mobile phone.

Ofcom published a report in 2008 showing that British mobile phone users spent 88 million on calls to 0800 numbers. These charges are not justified at all because mobile network operators already are paid by the 0800 number owner for the call.

The 03 Number Range

The 03 number range was introduced by Ofcom as a direct response to these problems. The number range was first introduced in March 2007. It was an ideal alternative to other number ranges that were chargeable when called from the mobile phones. The 03 number range is included in the bundled minutes that are offered by the mobile network operators. Calls made to 03 numbers are of the same cost as those made to standard geographic numbers that begin with 01 or 02.

Telecommunication providers such as Numbertalk offer different types of 03 numbers. There are two popular options, one is the 0300 number range and the other is 0330. 0300 numbers are used exclusively by the public sector such as non profit and registered charity organisations. 0330 numbers are available to all customers and there are no particular guidelines that determine the eligibility criteria for these numbers.

Ever since the 03 number range was introduced, the numbers have continued to rise in popularity. Many organisations take advantage of this relatively new number range introduced by Ofcom. Callers also seem to be happy with 03 numbers because of the increased transparency in pricing. 0330 numbers are ideal for any business. Some major organisations that use 03 numbers include Nikon, the Metropolitan Police, BBC, British Heart Foundation and Comic relief.

To know more about the 03 numbers and also other number ranges such as 0800 numbers, 0845 Numbers

, 0844 Numbers, 0871 numbers, freephone numbers and premium aret numbers visit Numbertalk.

by: Kieron James
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