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Unique Content Vs. Spun Content: Make The Right Choice For Your Business

Unique Content Vs. Spun Content: Make The Right Choice For Your Business

If youre debating about whether unique content vs

. spun content is a better choice for your business, it really comes down to what your long-term goals are.

As humans, we always respect and remember innovation over repetition. We can all name the first woman pilot and maybe even some of her missions, but who among can name any female pilot who has flown any notable flight afterward? Not many and its not because there havent been female pilots since then, its because we remember things that are unique.

That said, you need to make the decision about what youre shooting for with your article marketing campaign. If your intent is simply to provide filler articles that you can mass submit so that you can build your backlinks quickly, then spun content is the way to go. After all, nothing is simpler than ripping off someone elses work and changing a few words so that you can call it your own, right?

However, if you intent is to build credibility, authority, and memorability in your niche, you would be better served to invest the extra time and energy it takes to provide something unique.

When you offer something that is unique, relevant, useful and up-to-date, your readers will not only remember you for it; they will be much more likely to click through to your website as well as to pass it on.

The more you can get people passing your articles around because they are so helpful and informative to read, the greater the buzz that is generated about your campaign and the greater the authority and credibility you gain in your niche.

Many people shy away from unique content because they either dont think its worth the time or because they arent confident in their own writing ability. They think its easier to use spun content and call it good.

But if youre really serious about building a long term relationship with your readers, providing something unique is the ONLY way to go. And its easy really. All it takes to make something unique is putting whatever youve read into your own words, then add your own unique insights to the discussion.

And if you are really shy about putting your own words out there, hire someone else to do it for you, but dont short yourself on the long-term benefits of branding your business as one worth notoriety and respect!

by: Heather Sneed
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