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Ultimate Business Model

Ultimate Business Model

The Ultimate Business and Investing Solution.

I've developed a financial arbitrage, that allowed me to developed a new business model.

The model allows the buyer to receive a 100% rebate on anything they buy. The model also allows a buyer that financed a product/service to have their monthly payments paid by the business model. The model decreases any business expenses up to 20% a year. is in development, but open for preview. Take a gander and imaginethe possibilities.

I developed a business model that reduces any business expense at a minimum of 2% a month. A business expense can also be reduce to zero.

Company X has expenses of 100,000 dollars a month, my business model can take that amount and return $2000, and still make a profit. to reduce expenses to the max, 50 times the monthly expenses would be needed.

A buyer can purchase on credit and product/service, my business model will make all the financed payments.

You buy a house full of furniture for $10,000 and my business model will make all the monthly payments.

All I need is a 100% markup on the product or service. I take half the cost and pay the wholesale/manufacture cost, and the other half I create an arbitrage to make the monthly payment.

The Holy Grail to Investing(Arbitrage).

Arbitrage, is absolute Alpha. Developed the lowest risk, and very high returns (lowest risk possible). This is not doubling your money, it is a decent return without the risk. 30 plus percent a year.

Contrary to popular belief, investingin the financial markets is done every day. Even by you. Matter of fact, you have and not even known.

Being told time after time that investing without risk is not possible, you will believe that. Making it illegal to tell someone they can invest without risk, is more of a reason to believe that it is impossible.

These financial wizards you here about, and you, are taught how to operate in the financial system. Until you sit back and actually look at the whole financial system, you'll always think what people tell you to think. Get your head out of,,,,,, let me say the sand, and if you see how the whole system works, you won't invest ever again. Arbitrage.

Arbitrage, the perfect hedge. The known perfect hedge the market has, is to go long the equity, and short the equity(shorting against the box). This is a no win, no lose hedge. What if you can do (something similar) and create and overlap. The overlap, of a positive Alpha.

The financial market works the same way, as the average business model. We'll use a business that has little or no overhead, say selling a product on ebay. List product, sell and collect cash, then take cash minus the cost to send product to buyer, and take that model to the financial markets. In the business world, you say that is your profit. In the financial world you say that is an arbitrage.

Thomas Adair

Ultimate Business Model

By: Thomas Adair
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