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Today Business Telephone Systems

Today Business Telephone Systems

Business telephone systems are an integral part of all small businesses and home-based businesses

. You want to know that you are including the most important and useful of today's phone systems features in your business' telephone system. Business telephone systems are the front lines of all communications--these systems should not be chosen or put together without careful aforethought. Let's list some of these most important phone system features of today.

1) Call transfer. Now, this seems like a very basic and quite common phone system feature, and that's because it is. But, it's very important, too, and it's one of the key reasons why businesses today still often install business telephone systems instead of merely having everyone except the main secretary using a cell phone. Today's call transfers in phone systems can be sophisticated enough to go to cell phones if need be, anyway. Call transfer prevents dropped calls, missed opportunities, and that dreaded "passing the buck" feeling.

2) Customized hold messages. These are invaluable as very low cost marketing tools. When someone calls in and has to be put on hold, they can be talked to and learn about sales, new services, and so on and so forth that your company is engaging in. This might give them a reason to want to talk to the sales department after they are done being on hold and get to talk to whomever they called!

3) Speaker phone. While this is a feature common to cell phones today, there's still nothing like having this as a centralized feature in your office. Speaker phone works for conferencing and Internet meetings being conducted in the office, and it can also allow multiple people in a meeting with a prospect or client to hear everything together in the same room. Note: some telephone systems will come with speaker phone but not a conferencing call feature, so make sure that yours comes with both for using this feature on conference calls.

4) Compatibility with headsets. This keeps someone's hands free to type as they are on the phone on a private call, and it prevents sore necks--appreciated by secretaries and salesmen.

These are a few of the business telephone systems features that your office should have included with your phone system.

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Today Business Telephone Systems