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Tips On Purchasing A Second Hand Car

The economic condition all over the world today is a mess

. Even the most important person in the world President Obama is struggling to deal with this declining economy. In India itself we are facing higher interest rates, cost cutting, lack of jobs and so on. One of the many compromises we are forced to make due to this crisis is buying pre-owned cars or second hand cars as they are also called. Many car giants have opened a pre-owned car wing such as Mahindra first choice, Maruti true value and Tata motors assured. This obviously proves that the second hand car market is doing pretty well. However there is a lot of thought that should go behind buying a second hand car. Don't do your homework and you could end up making one of the most regrettable decisions of your life and get stuck with a car that you can't believe you actually paid money for. Few things should be kept in mind before purchasing a second hand car.

The most important part of buying a second hand car is you need to find the right dealer. You should look up registered websites such as Mahindra first choice or Maruti true value as these are certified and approved second hand car dealers. You wouldn't want to go back to the place you bought your car from for a query and discover the person or even the place altogether gone and you're stuck with a shoddy excuse for a car. You should always test drive the car as however good a car may look on the outside you will never really know unless you drive it.

Always check if the car you're planning to purchase has ever had any major accidents as that makes a huge difference. If a car has ever had a bad accident irrespective of how well repaired it maybe it will never really be the same.

You should also always make sure that the cars insurance papers are in place and that the insurance policy isn't going to expire within days of the purchase. Also one must always negotiate, there's nothing embarrassing about bargaining. By just bargaining for a few minutes you could end up saving a substantial amount of money.

You should always check whether it's a first, second or third party transfer as if the car has changed many hands then there's obviously something fishy about it. With the steep constant increase in fuel prices today everyone wants the best mileage car in India, hence; you should take your mechanic with you to see the cars as you will never know half as much as a mechanic would.

You should keep all these tips in mind while planning to purchase a second hand car as it isn't really a small decision and nobody would want to be stuck with a car that they don't like and aren't happy to drive.

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