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3 Part Time Cleaning Businesses You Can Start On A Shoestring

Starting your own cleaning service might at first seem to be too competitive with not much income potential

. After all, the low start-up costs and the need for only common cleaning skills would mean that almost anyone can get into this business. The reality is that some people actually earn a significant full time income working just part time at this because they only need a handful of customers to succeed. Here are 3 of the best opportunities for extra income with a simple cleaning business.

Cleaning Offices

If you work for a cleaning company as an employee you might make something like $9.00 per hour. If you find just a handful of offices and clean them with your own one-person company you can make 2 to 4 times as much. Why is that? As an employee you are paid only for your time and have to share with the company owner. As your own freelance cleaner you are paid by the job and get to keep it all (less cleaning supplies and other minor expenses).

One man, named Sam Rodman, claims to have started his office cleaning business with just a spray bottle and a vacuum cleaner. In a few short months he was earning at a rate of $54,000 per year. The best part is that he worked only 4 hours per night Monday through Friday.

Cleaning Gravestones

I know it seems weird. Once upon a time Kendrick Lester wanted to clean and polish the dirty, age-worn headstone on his fathers grave. He researched the best way to clean the granite and metal then applied this new knowledge to the headstone. When he was finished cleaning, his work was admired by a woman nearby. In no time at all she had hired him to clean one of her relatives headstones for a cool $100.

Get this; he earns over $20,000 for only 2 weeks of work per year with this little business. Granted, he works very hard during that time. One key to his success is learning to attract customers without expensive advertising.

Window Cleaning

Much like cleaning offices, if you land some commercial or retail building accounts and are paid by the job instead of by the hour, you might just do very well. This business can be started with one person part time on the weekends while you keep your full time job.

While in college, Tanner Larson started a weekend window cleaning business that made $87,000 in the first year. He claims that anyone can earn part time income to the tune of $300 to $500 per day.

The Negatives of a One-Person Cleaning Service

The most obvious problem with any one person business is what do you do when you get sick or want to take a vacation? How do you take care of your customer needs? One solution would be to take on one employee or a business partner as a back-up. The problem with that is it could significantly increase the accounting and reporting paperwork that you must do. It can also reduce the control you have as a business owner.

A better solution might be to find some other small but friendly competitors to form a loose subcontractor alliance. You help them and they in turn help you. This is a good reason to get to know your competitors.

How To Get Started With A Fast And Profitable Start

As with any extra income ideas, your cleaning business will be successful when you learn all of the essential tips and tricks for marketing and operating in a smooth and consistent basis. The secret is to not try to reinvent the wheel. Consider interviewing current owners of cleaning businesses in-person and finding eBooks and DVD video training programs that offer fist-hand insights.

by: John Mackinnon
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