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Threats From Global Warming

Global warming is a natural phenomenon and has been taking place over years and years

. Recently in last decade it has become threatening ad people are more aware about it. The reason is recently there has been a rise in the rate of global warming. Global warming primarily is the effect of greenhouse effect.

Let us understand what greenhouse effect is all about. The main source of light and natural energy to earth is sun. Almost half of the suns energy in rays is absorbed by earths surface. Earth in return, radiates back this energy in form of infrared rays. Now, when this heat is absorbed by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and gets trapped, it results in global warming.

Global warming is the increase in the temperature of earth and its surface all across. The main contributor of carbon dioxide in atmosphere is power plants. These power plants burn fossil fuels and coal to generate power. Burning coal is the main contributor of carbon dioxide. With rise in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the gas absorbs more and more heat around and thus increases the global warming.

The major threat from global warming is global climate change. Climate change can be life threatening also if people living in that area are not able to cope up with it. Glaciers around the globe are melting. Melting glaciers actually means rise in the sea level. If we think about it, then the rise in sea level in itself can pose a lot of threats to human kind. First and foremost, it can be a dangerous thing for all the tows and places near coastal areas. The life of people at such places can be in danger. Secondly, with rise in sea water level, there is threat to the ground level. When mixed with ground water, sea water can be a threat to the drinking water. Scarcity of drinking water in itself can result in lot of chaos.

With change in climate around the world, there will be more of natural calamities. Natural calamities like floods, droughts, cyclones, volcanoes etc. World will suffer a lot if global warming is not fought against today itself. We can also decrease the effect of global warming by controlling it. It can be done by a lot of things which we as individuals can start at home. Things like planting more and more trees around. Planting more trees will not just help in avoiding soil erosion. It will also help in releasing live saving gas i.e. oxygen. Apart from this, trees also help us in controlling the greenhouse effect by absorbing greenhouse gases.

However, if we look around we hardly find people planting trees. We can easily find people who want to cut trees and use them or use that land. We should also avoid using paper and go for electronic media. This will save trees as well.

Usage of plastic bags results in garbage and when this garbage is burnt, it releases more harmful gases in the atmosphere.

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