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The Useless United Nations And The Global Warming Scam

Nothing gives the swooning socialists more frissons of ecstasy than the thought of

a world government united under the benign aegis of the Useless Nations Organisation. Nothing should give any sentient intelligent being greater pause than the creation of unchecked, unaccountable Marxism. The UNO is a tax eating charade run by the Arab League and Third World refugee camps posing as nations. Ever desirous to loot more money from the rich, evil, grasping Northern World, the UNO is little more than a broker of Islamic hate; anti-modern pronouncements and Third World demands on rich northern tax-payer money. It is a mockery.

The UNO is a sprawling organization that does little good outside of humanitarian relief and funding programs to support and aid children. It seems heavily preoccupied in writing 800 resolutions condemning Israel - and exactly none condemning Arab states. This despite the fact that since 1948 1 million Jews have been refugees from Arab nations and Jewish culture and population centers have been destroyed across North Africa and the Middle East and the Arabs have attacked Israel 5 times. The UN of course did nothing to stop Hussein from murdering 300.000 innocents in Iraq, or prevent the Darfurian and Rwandan genocides. A moral, enlightened, and fair body it is not.

On Iran the UN displays the same ferocious immoral incompetence. Its official policy of concern regarding Iranian nuclear ambitions or the act of war in capturing British sailors, is simply scorned and laughed at by the fascist Mullah regime. They know the UN does not care about such issues. In Iraq and Afghanistan the UN is doing little to nothing to help rebuild and stabilized two geo-politically important nations. This is because it is in Western interests that both states succeed and become Western allies. The UNO could care less. This group is more concerned with extracting money for its non-Western clientele and the Arab cabal than it is in helping rescue civilization from Islamic fascism. The UNO is in short a hindrance not a help in building and defending real civilization.

The UNO extracts money for its high-living bureaucrats and thousands of badly managed programs by imposing itself as a burden of taxation on richer countries. The Useless Nations [of Marxist] Organization happily consumes for example about $29 million per annum from Canadian taxpayers or about 2% of GDP. The UNO steals about $250 million per annum from US taxpayers or about 1.75% of US GDP. Cutting tax rates by 2 % of GDP would be far more beneficial than handing over money to a corrupt group of anti-modern kleptocrats. With the increase in personal income those who have the incredible urge for an African commitment can write personal cheques to their kleptocratic dictator of choice. Yet innocent people are forced to fund the UNO even though they have no idea what happens to their money, or why it is sent there in the first place.

In richer countries left-wing politicians use the UNO as a cheap way of buying morality and instituting a do-nothing foreign policy sorry we cant act unless the UNO says it is okay. Afghanistan and Iraq have been extremely informative trial runs for the Global Warming/Kyoto Protocol scam, that the one-world-we will all die unless the UNO saves us crowd dearly loves. Global Warming and the establishment through tax payer money of the Goddess Gaia cult [think Oracle of Delphi circa 1700 BC], with the intention to eradicate the modern world, is a good trial run for a World Government. You can imagine how effective, benign and modern the one-world government model would be if Al Gore, the Sierra Club and various Arabs are running it. Just look at Darfur or the Oil for Food scandal for more further elucidation.

In fact there is not an explanation anywhere at any level of government as to why we need to support the UNO and where the dollars go. The UNO is a 51.000 person, $10 billion per year organization that meddles in just about everything from security, to economics, to refugee support. There are numerous studies outlining the reforms needed at the UNO to make it effective. So far the UNO membership can only agree not to agree on any meaningful reforms. More ineffectual rhetoric is the only answer.

The UNO is the group that told the world in 1970 that we had widespread Global Cooling which would cause massive ecological devastation. In fact U Thant the Secretary General in 1970 said we had, perhaps 10 years left before humanity needed to reorder society to combat global cooling. Newsweek in 1975 chimed in with, The scientists see few signs that government leaders anywhere are even prepared to take the simple measures of stockpiling food or of introducing the variables of climatic uncertainty into economic projections of future food supplies. The longer the planners delay the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality. [Newsweek, 1975, April 28, The Cooling World] Global Cooling was going to get us.

Sorry about that we meant actually Global Warming. Fast forward to 2007 and Governments have decided that CO2 and methane, both non toxic and necessary gases for life, are destroying the world. No scientific evidence is presented but it creates a marvelous opportunity for government intervention and taxation. 18.000 climatologists and scientists have signed a petition calling Kyoto and Global Warming junk science with no empirical basis. They are opposed by the 800 Government researchers and environmentalists who developed the Kyoto theory supported by the UNO and most national politicians. This is Al Gores famous the science is closed consensus. A lying American politician demands that we accept that about one thousand government dependent activists are really an army of irrefutable climatology experts. Sorry if some of us tend to be skeptical.

If Kyoto was ever implemented and if governments took the UN Climate Change/Global Warming reports seriously and acted upon them, it is estimated that rich, relatively clean energy countries like Canada would have to transfer to poorer, dirtier nations an estimated $25 billion per year, the US about $300 billion. This is about 2% of GDP or about what the Canadians and Americans transfer to the UNO. Kyoto is the largest redistribution scheme ever invented and is a neat role play for further UNO World Government stratagems.

Global warming transfers would double the revenue size of the UNO and allow it to skim off administration fees for various reasons much as it did while compiling a $1 billion profit from the Iraq Oil for Food and chicks scandal in the 1990s. In other words sending more money to UN sponsored Global Warming schemes wont alleviate climate change but it will enrich UN functionaries and free spending corrupt bureaucrats.

There is little evidence that the UN supports civilization. There is a lot of evidence that it doesnt. The question to politicians is why do we support such a corrupt and useless venture with hard earned tax money?

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