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The Tmj Treatment Specialist With The Golden Arm

The Tmj Treatment Specialist With The Golden Arm

TMJ problems are a common problem for many people around the world

. It is very important that this problem is diagnosed at the earliest for proper treatment. Various reasons can be attributed for TMJ problem. Firstly the common problem of arthritis can be a reason for TMJ pain. Arthritis can be caused by grinding of teeth at night or injury. The other reason may be due to dislocation or displacement of the disc between the socket and the jawbone. The symptoms may be varied starting from a popping sound to pain in the jaws while opening and closing of mouth. The disk can also get perforated resulting in grating sound while movement of jaw. Sometimes the TMJ can also get fused due to trauma etc.

When such symptoms of TMJ appear the only way out can be maxillofacial surgeon. They are the ones who can diagnose the actual reason for the problem and do proper treatment or refer to an appropriate specialist. A maxillofacial surgeon is a doctor who specialises in the treatment of mouth, teeth, jaws etc. Special imaging of the joints can be ordered by the maxillofacial surgeon for proper diagnosis. Treatment can range from complex surgery to easier dental therapy or treatment. The treatment of TMJ totally depends on the diagnosis. It may range from non steroidal drugs for pain and muscle relaxation to splint therapy. Surgery can only be suggested to a patient if non surgical drugs fail to cure the problem. A TMJ treatment specialist has a very important role to play in the healthy living of all mankind.

A crown is a type of dental treatment which caps a decayed or perforated tooth or when a large cavity develops in the tooth resulting in pain or a chilled feeling in the teeth. A crown for tooth can be made of various kinds of materials. Porcelain bonded with precious metal is in common use for crowning. Porcelain crowns are also used although they are not very strong but look quiet natural. Ceramic crowns are built using a new technique and they are both strong and natural looking. They are a bit costly than porcelain crowns. The latest type of crown that is available now is the glass crown and due to their natural looks can be used for both front and back teeth. A crown implant specialist gives the best suggestion as to what kind of crown is ideal for a person so consulting with them is absolutely necessary.

by: Rajat Poddar
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The Tmj Treatment Specialist With The Golden Arm