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The Lia Sophia Opportunity To Start A Profitable Work From Home Business

The Lia Sophia Opportunity To Start A Profitable Work From Home Business

Lia Sophia is a business that makes direct retail sales of fashion jewelery

. The sales force of independent product advisers is structured using the network marketing model. The business is operational throughout the USA and Canada, having been in business for over 30 years. There are many benefits of this business for both advisers and customers.

The sales force of advisers is structured using the multi level marketing model. This means that each adviser can earn money in two ways. Firstly by making direct product sales, primarily through parties, catalogs and their own websites. Secondly by recruiting advisers into their own business and making a commission from their sales down through several levels.

The party plan sales method works by the adviser working with a hostess to hold a party at which the company's products are presented. The hostess holds a party for her family, friends and neighbors in her own home. The sales adviser then comes along and demonstrates or presents her products. Guests then relax and look trough the catalog and test the samples and place orders. The hostess will earn gifts and discounts depending on how much is sold on the evening. The adviser will book further parties from guests who want to host their own parties.

This company is a member of the direct selling Association. One of the requirements to become a member of this association is to agree to a code of ethics. This code covers the way the company will behave towards advisers and customers, and also covers how advisers should behave towards the company and customers. These standards in this code will provide reassurance to both advisers and customers.

There is an excellent chance to make many direct product sales as this fashion jewelery is in demand. There will be repeat custom as people add to their collection, especially as fashions change and the pieces in the catalog are updated to reflect this change. The pieces are priced at a reasonable level and are at a very good quality. There are regular sales and the company offers a safe plan which is where a customer may have a piece at half price when two full price pieces are bought.

The business opportunity offered is also in demand. A number of people would like to become advisers just so that they and their friends can get cut price jewelery. There are also people who just need a small part time income so they are happy to remain advisers without becoming managers. Then there are a lot of people, especially mums, who need a full time income but also need to be flexible and fit around family needs and commitments. This opportunity is perfect for all of them.

There is a lot of potential for success with this company. The excellent beginnings program supports a new adviser though their first fifteen weeks. There is also a training DVD included in the starter kit and access is provided online to a training university. In addition to all of this is the support offered by the recruiting adviser. This is a very comprehensive package especially designed to help people who are new to this sort of opportunity.

Lia Sophia has a wonderful business opportunity for everyone and especially working moms. It is simple to follow their proven methods of success and use their tested materials.

by: Ryan Nelson

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The Lia Sophia Opportunity To Start A Profitable Work From Home Business