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The Hidden Value Of Car Shipping

Moving long distances can be a stressful endeavor

. Not only is the process complicated and overwhelming; it can be downright expensive. That said, even if you're on a budget, you may be able to afford an enclosed car transport service. Before you log countless hours driving your vehicle across the country, learn the hidden savings associated with shipping your car or truck to its new destination.

Maintaining warranty protection and your vehicle's worth

Because every mile you put on your vehicle decreases its worth, it pays to only drive when it is absolutely necessary. If you are making a big move across state lines, car shipping companies offer a way for you to safely move your car or truck to its new home without adding unnecessary wear and tear, as well as extra mileage to the odometer. Additionally, if you pay for a car warranty plan, you should know that it will likely expire after your vehicle reaches a certain number of miles. In the end, many people don't realize that these unseen savings can help offset the cost of using a transport service.

Factoring in the rising cost of gasoline

Often, when people are planning to relocate long distances, they view enclosed car transport as an unaffordable expense; however, in reality, it's often a smart way to save money. Besides the unseen savings you get from sparing your car from extra, unnecessary mileage; you can save a lot of money on gasoline, too. These days, gas prices are astoundingly high and turmoil in the Middle East is threatening to send them even higher. When you choose a transport service, you'll be avoiding the high cost of fueling your car during the long drive to its new home. This is an important consideration when evaluating the actual cost of choosing a service; as you should subtract the amount of money you will save on fuel from the total cost of hiring a professional auto transport service.

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