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Taking The First Step

Lace up those gym shoes, fitness shoes, and walking shoes so you can take the first step to being more fit and loosing weight

. Why are people walking more? It is because there are so many benefits to walking, which encourages increasing number of people to start a walking program. Walking is something that almost anyone can do no matter what their age or level of health is.

Some of the benefits of walking include the following:

Lowers bad cholesterol (LDL)

Raise good cholesterol (HDL)

Reduces risks and assists with level 2 diabetes management

Lowers Blood pressure

Burns calories

Improves mental health and increases a sense of well-being


One of the first things you will need to do is get a comfortable pair of walking shoes. A good pair of walking shoes should provide support, protect joints against impact, and be durable. When you first start out, if you are walking for short distance, most any shoe will do. As you increase your walking distance, the type of shoe you have will become more important. Some people get fitness shoes like Stepgym, Sketchers, MBT, Curves, and others. The Fit Flop doesnt provide the support needed to prevent injury when walking to become fit, and are purchased more for everyday use. The reason many walkers are choosing to buy an exercise shoes is because it maximizes the benefits of walking since muscles work harder due to the scientific design of fitness exercise shoes.


Find a safe route to walk to begin an exercise program. If you havent been keeping fit, you will want to find a place that is level and that you will have good footing. A route with a lot of loose dirt or rocks may not be the best place to start walking and may increase the risk of injury. Walking in your neighborhood on the sidewalk or walking a few laps around a mall, are a couple good places to start walking. If you will be walking at night, be sure the area is well lit or walk indoors like at a mall.


Take it easy when you first start walking. Warm up and do some stretches before beginning walking or any other exercises. This will reduce the risk of injury, pulled muscles, and painful twists. Stretching can also help reduce soreness after a workout. Walking or doing other exercise consistently will help you reach your weight loss goals and also your fitness goals. Start out slowly and gradually increase the workout as you get in better shape. You will probably become quickly discouraged if you binge workout pushing yourself hard and over doing it, followed by not exercising at all for an extended period of time. This can lead to discouragement and also increase the risk of injury.


Set realistic goals and stick with them. One way to monitor your workouts and keep track of your progress is to keep a fitness journal. It can include everything from the exercises you do to what you eat. Electronic devices can help you keep track of how your doing and the results from your walks can be documented in your fitness journal. Exercise alone wont get you in shape, you also need to eat properly and get adequate rest.

To make the most out of every step, buy a fitness workout shoe that maximizes the results of your healthy walks. Shoes like the Stepgym shoe will help you to firm up and strengthen your body more quickly than with traditional shoes that are often worn for walking. Go to to buy your fitness shoes today.

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Taking The First Step