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Now as I set back and glanced at all the network marketing organizations in the realm

of food I noticed that outside of the compensation plans they really didn't come across as game changer to me. Now the reason I say that is simply because at the end of the day if your looking to build yourself up and want to stand a chance in this arena you better make sure that you have something that the competition doesn't have.

One of the biggest things that I noticed about Sundance Global is that they are setting you up to not only prepare for the downfall that's about to happen in the food industry but their literally give away the food for FREE !! Now a lot of you may not think that that maybe a big issue but this is where thinking comes in handy.

If you were stranded on an island and there was no one in site to help you, would you be more interested in a bite to eat or a million dollars ? This is a huge thing when you think about it. Even if you lost your health right NOW and you had to lay in a bed for the rest of your life you'd still have to eat. If you were a professional athlete and you wanted to continue to stay at the top of your game you'd still have to eat!

Despite how you may see things, Food one day may be as powerful as currency. I will be going a lot further into Sundance Global for you all.

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Sundance Global

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Sundance Global