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Softwood Lumber | Wholesale Lumber | Wooden Pallets

Canadian softwood lumber is used for a variety of construction purposes

. Manufacturers from across the world use the wood to make different products. It is used by builders to construct parts of homes and buildings.

Wood with a soft texture can be classified into different categories. Those categories include construction, economy, standard, and utility. There are also various form grades, such as prime or a higher finish.

Construction uses of wood for structures are sidings, shelves, and panels. It can be custom made, treated, and available in different grades. Soft wood is used for common usages during construction and manufacturing.

High graded selected form of wood has multiple uses and purposes. Builders use it to produce flooring, cabinets, paneling, and sidings. The highest quality and grade is knot free with no holes or deficiencies.

Lower selective grades have some flaws, holes and cost less. The price is based upon the quality and the appearance of wood. All select grades of soft woods can be custom built and designed.

Wholesale lumber is available in soft or hard woods and dimensions. Supple wood is easier to work with when it comes to cutting and trimming. Hard wood durability is stronger and is available in different qualities.

Hard wood are used for mouldings, outside doors and paneling. It makes great floor boarding and is used to construct stairs and casings. It is also used for constructing homes including the frames and poles.

Supple wood is also used for framing, inside doors, and cabinets. Craftsmen use it to make other products, such as ladders and poles. Both lumber types have similar purposes and are obtainable in quality conditions.

Soft and hard wood are modified to customers specific requirements. Canadian Forest Company can manufacture boxes, crates, and frames. The company also manufacture heavy duty boxes for industrial uses.

The features of wooden pallets include its materials, size and treatments. Other attributes and preferences include reversible or non-reversible sides. The materials are offered in plywood, soft and hard lumber.

The custom measurement cutting can be of any size, length or shape. Stringed or blocked pallets are produced in various designs and styles. Wooden pallets are customized for two or four way fork lifting.

Canadian lumbers are of the highest to low level grades of wood. Its wooden products include crates, plywood boxes, and softwood lumber. All products are customized and modified to the requirements of suppliers.

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Softwood Lumber | Wholesale Lumber | Wooden Pallets