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Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Snooker Table

Purchasing snooker tables isnt about splashing money

, without really getting complete value from it. The top tables are usually quite expensive, costing in excess of $2000. Whether you are purchasing the table for your house or for the hotel lobby, it is important to ask certain important questions to make sure that your investment is spot on. Plenty of things can go wrong in a snooker table, which is exactly why a well informed decision is important. For example, the first question, you need to ask, is the reason behind purchasing the table. This is because the answer will determine the kind of table you should buy. There are smaller tables which are inexpensive and ideal for kids in the house if they are just looking for some fun. You wouldnt be too worried if the table goes through wear and tear and heavy duty usage.

However, if you have to purchase snooker tables where real tournaments are to be held, or where you want to practice seriously for official snooker tournaments, then a good table is required. The next question would obviously be about the most important features in the table. High quality tournament approved felt cloth, good cushioning with impressive rebound capability and precisely leveled slate are all very important for a top class table. Therefore, you also need to question if the retailer will give you the added benefit of a professional installer to come and install and level the table for you, wherever you want to place it.

If you want to purchase a high quality snooker table for enhancing the dcor of the house you need to pay a lot of attention to variable parameters. For example, the felt cloth can be in different colors like purple, maroon, pink, blue or green to suit the colors splashed all around the room. The finish of the solid wood frame and the craftsmanship involved can add an elegant touch to the snooker tables. Carved or tapered legs, intricately designed frames, beautiful pedestals and gorgeous base stands can all add to the overall beauty of the room. You need to check the finish and the wood that can match the dcor in the room, including the furniture. You need to take a call between traditional or sophisticated look based on your aesthetic preference and the furniture around.

An important question to ask when you are purchasing snooker tables is about the authenticity of the material. Whether the cushions are K-66 contoured, whether the rails are of natural wood and whether the frame has a good screw capacity are all facts that shouldnt be ignored, if you are investing a lot of money on the snooker table. Wood that has not been seasoned will be cheap, but if it warps, cracks or chips, then you will lose the whole experience of enjoying the game on a high quality table. Other components like thickness of the slate, the material of the rail sights and the quality of the beams should all be enquired about.

by: Sunil Punjabi

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