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Purchasing Tips For A High Quality Billiard Table

When purchasing a billiard tableor a pool table

, you need to be aware of the fact that a lot of work goes into the design and construction of the tables. Therefore, it is important that you dont compromise on durability and elegance, just to keep your cost low. A high quality billiards table comes with lifetime warranty which is a sure sign of confidence from the manufacturer in terms of the features and design of the table. You can purchase a table that fits your bill exactly, which is why you need to first consider your budget and the playing infield available in the room. The cost of the table goes up with the kind of quality you find in the frame as well as the overall design.

A precision slate bed is extremely important with the right level of tolerance as per specifications. When it comes to the frame, solid wood or stainless steel are used as they will stand the test of time. Solid wood as opposed to particle board is a good choice even for the rails. There are many different types of rails including 2-piece rails and laminated rails. High pressure scratch resistant laminate or poplar rail base are excellent components to have when you are thinking about the resilience and longevity of the billiards table. The billiard table that you are going to purchase, new or second hand on a sale, should have appropriate cushions made of molded high grade rubber and should be canvas backed. These features will help in providing better quality of play with much more impressive rebound quality.

Some billiards players are extremely specific when it comes to the slates which is why diamond honed slates are ordered for a very smooth surface. High quality Brazilian slates give you excellent durability. In a good billiard table the slate is durable, precisely uniform and usually heavy which is why you will also need a high quality frame that wouldnt get compressed under the weight of the slate over a period of time. The compression or warping of the frame can result in a non-uniform weighing field. Unless solid wooden legs are used it is a better idea to go for 6 legs instead of 4 for uniform weight distribution.

Pedestal style base or legs are also used in contemporary billiards tables. It is a good idea to go for a billiard table that has a wood top coating for better finish as well as scratch and chip resistance. You need to also check the alignment of the rails when mounted to the slate flush. The rails sometimes have inlayed double diamond sights too for greater elegance and better quality. The billiard cloth is usually 3/4th wood and 1/4th part nylon which provides great playability while also lasting for a longer period of time. Thus, there are plenty of components from the cross beams and frames to cloth, cushions and cushion brackets that you need to have a look at before estimating the cost of the table.

by: Sunil Punjabi
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