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Paperwork For Shipping From Canada To The United States

Anytime you're shipping something, there is always a certain amount of paperwork to worry about

. However, if you're shipping across any international borders, the amount of documentation that your order is going to require in order to successfully cross the border is going to be much greater than that which you would have to send with a regular domestic shipment. If you're unfamiliar with the requirements of international shipping, there are 3pl providers which in addition to providing shipping services can also offer consultation on preparing your products for shipping.

Many would think that shipping from Canada to the United States would be easier than shipping to some other countries because there is so much trade between those two countries. This is true to a certain extent. There are still lots of documents that need to be filled out, but the existence of certain trade agreements at least means that you will be able to ship most products as long as you can get the required paperwork completed.

That is the most important advice that a shipping consultant can offer you. If anything you are shipping is covered by any kind of international trade agreement, you are going to need special documentation to show that you are shipping under the terms of said agreement. If shipping goods over certain values, you also get into the realm of import/export licensing which is also something that you're going to have to be familiar with.

Even when sending smaller shipments there is still certain paperwork that you have to make yourself familiar with. The commercial invoice and the bill of lading are the two most important staples of international shipping. A commercial invoice has to go with absolutely everything that is trying to cross a border, even a small purchase that was made on eBay, so always make sure that you have a copy of that document accompanying your shipment.

The Bill of Lading is a document which is created by the courier company which also has to go with anything that is going across a border. It is the jobs of a customs agent to track what goods are coming into a country, where they are coming from, and where they are going. The bill of Lading or BOL is the document that will contain all of this information, as well as any other information regarding the contract between yourself and the courier company.

by: Paul McDuffy
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Paperwork For Shipping From Canada To The United States