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Outsourcing Document Scanning - Two Pieces Of Advice

Outsourcing document scanning is certainly better than doing it in-house

. It not only helps you save money but also tides over any possible goof ups if a machine goes wrong or a staff leaves abruptly. Know why most companies in the UK prefer to outsource the job.

With outsourcing becoming a norm in the UK, we tend to take it for granted that everyone is well aware of the benefits of the exercise. They are not, at least when it comes to document scanning. There are many who prefer doing it in-house and some, surprisingly, feel it is safe to maintain the balance between the digitisation and the paper documentation.

Well, first a piece of advice for my balancing mates. They need not do the balancing. Systems now are reliable enough to hold all your digital documents for eternity. They are secure and the backup ensures that the data will be there even if the damage decides to strike it. It is accessible as well when you need it. So there are no issues really.

Now, for my friends, who choose in-house document scanning on outsourcing. They are losing out on an opportunity. Even if they toss out the cost factor, they need to factor in that document scanning is not something they specialise in. When they keep staff and buy equipment for the purpose, they are actually drifting away from their core business. The resource they put in for the document scanning purpose could have been better used.

Document scanning and indexing often becomes a cumbersome process, particularly if the business needs to get scanned a large number of documents a day. If a machine goes wrong or a staff is absent, it only piles up the pending tasks. In the goof up, a few important documents could go missing or just left from being scanned. Either will not be welcome, I guess.

Professional document scanning companies have plans and resources to deal with such situations. They have the ability to perform the task in impeccable manner. Their professionals, experienced in performing such tasks, will arrange the paper documents. Scanned files are indexed and named, exactly as instructed, by a client name, a brand name or a date. Once the documents have been scanned and the digital images checked, they will be destroyed or simply returned to the client.

Moreover, when you are working with a scanning company, you need not buy a document management software. You cant work on the digital data sans the software and it comes expensive. Document scanning companies usually provide such software free for large orders. They also provide training to your staff for using the software.

A reputable data scanning firm will also provide services such as document archiving and microfilm scanning. Document archiving service is quite useful for the companies which need to archive large volume of data that has reached the end of active lifecycle but has to be retained for future reference. Documents are archived onto DVD in a suitable format for long term retention.

Under microfilm scanning services, old microfilm archives are converted to disk. Microfilm aperture cards, microfiche and 16/35mm roll films are scanned, indexed and imported into a document management system. Alternatively, you can also archive them onto CD/DVD.

With outsourcing providing you so many options, do you really need to take the trouble to do document scanning in-house? The answer is known.

by: Paul Smith

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