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Oracle Hosting: Why Consider Application Outsourcing

Compared to in-house solutions, many businesses have realized substantial savings with Oracle hosting

. Oracle applications help companies support their financial, procurement and human resource processes. However, managing costs is always an issue. Companies are often faced with integrating new modules or customizing the application to fit changing business requirements.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing to an Oracle Hosting Provider

More and more companies understand how an Oracle application hosting vendor can help business operations. Reducing application-related costs is the major advantage. For those businesses still in the decision process, the following represent some additional key benefits:

High Application Availability. Maintaining service levels is critical for on demand performance. An application services provider with a hosting platform customized to the business requirements can make sure applications are available when needed. Oracle hosting also keeps companies up-to-date with the latest technology, application enhancements and problem resolutions.

24/7 Operations. When companies outsource Oracle applications to a well qualified service provider, they receive 24/7 monitoring and management of the applications and associated infrastructure. Because providers back-up data regularly, end users are rarely impacted by down time. With the right Oracle hosting service provider, system performance reaches very high levels.

Advanced Security. Security is typically at the forefront in the mind of IT managers. Experienced Oracle hosting service providers operate technically advanced and reliable infrastructures. They will host and manage applications in proven, secure environment.

Reduced Technology Investments. Moving to a hosting provider helps businesses avoid infrastructure, application and staffing expenses. Instead, IT managers can focus on the companys core strategic initiatives.

Application Performance. An Oracle hosting provider will have intimate knowledge of mission critical applications. Plus, well qualified providers will have related industry experience as well. A solid track record will help an outsourcing provider manage and upgrade applications proactively and stay focused on customer requirements.

How to Select the Right Oracle Hosting Provider

Depending on the hosting services needed, a company can select among numerous types of service providers. The final decision will depend on a providers qualifications when it comes to administering systems, applications, databases, and more. In addition, issues like security, performance, service, etc., also must be considered.

The first step of in the Oracle hosting decision is to determine how much application management will be conducted in-house and what portion will be outsourced. Some companies may want to outsource their entire application. Others will want to maintain full control of their applications.

The initial analysis will involve verifying technical capabilities. Does the service provider have comprehensive, in-house Oracle expertise? Do they have success stories with similar companies in comparable industries? Do they have an advanced infrastructure certified by third-party organizations?

The next part of the analysis should focus on management capabilities. Because each companys environment and requirements will be different, looking at a hosting providers flexibility can help ensure needs will be met. A solid track record of customizing solutions to each particular business should tip the scales.

In addition to flexibility, customer service is an important criterion companies should look for in an Oracle hosting provider. No business wants to do all the homework necessary to find a technically qualified provider only to find out the customer service levels are poor.

Switching hosting providers can be expensive, labor-intensive and time-consuming. Taking the time to fully evaluate an Oracle hosting provider before finalizing an agreement will help ensure the start of a mutually-beneficial partnership for years to come.

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