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Mtc Global Financial Services - Six Reasons To Invest In Futures Market

The general public perception of trading futures is that it involves a high risk of investment and speculation

. Some even regard investing in futures as a form of gambling. While futures do involve a high risk of loss, the irony is that they are also instrumental in reducing risk. With proper planning, research, analysis and money management, futures trading can be highly profitable. Futures are also used to as a mechanism by companies to manage price risks. This is known as hedging.

MTC Global Group - Leverage

Unlike stocks, trading futures allows for leverage and does not require you to enter into a contract with a full value. You will only need to deposit a margin, usually between 5% 10% of the total contract value. In this manner, you are able to trade larger amounts of commodities than compared to purchasing commodities outright.

MTC Global Group - Higher Returns

Since you are entering a position of a contract with only a margin, when the market movement is towards your favor, the profit can be of ten-fold of the margin. Due to this unique and great leverage, futures trading offers excellent return in comparison to other investment instruments, though the loss may also be substantial.

MTC Global Group - Paper Investor

Futures trading is basically a paper investment. Even though futures trading involves commodities, you will not need to worry about the actual commodities itself, or changing hands of the commodities. This makes it convenient without the concern about the physical commodities and storage.

MTC Global Group - Highly Liquid

Trading futures are considered to be very liquid. There are large amounts of contracts traded in the market daily. You can place an order and they can be bought or sold very quickly. There will always be a significant available number of buyers and sellers for futures contracts.

MTC Global Group - Making Returns When Market Moves in all directions

When youre trading futures, you will have the option to go long or short. You will be able to profit whether the market is going on an upward trend or a downward trend. You may enter a long position in a bullish market and go short on a bearish market.

MTC Global Group - Specify a Timeframe

Apart from the high return of investments, futures trading may also bring you fast returns as opposed to the stock markets where significant returns can be seen after years of investing. This is due to the volatility of the futures market, especially in commodity markets like Crude Palm Oil.

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Mtc Global Financial Services - Six Reasons To Invest In Futures Market