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Mindset Is The First And Ultimate Key To Your Business Success

Mindset Is The First And Ultimate Key To Your Business Success

To succeed in business requires the right mindset

, in fact if your mindset isn't where it should be no amount of marketing will help you succeed. It's like a puppeteer who holds the strings that control the actions of his puppet, your mindset controls the strings that negotiate the actions you take in your business, what you do with your service to your world and hence it controls your income!

If you are struggling with yourself on the outside, with your self- image and you have fears and disbeliefs, then there will always be a struggle on the inside. It's like putting your foot on the accelerator and at the same time pulling on the handbrake, you simply cannot go forward it's impossible.

So how can you overcome this struggle and get the results you want? What you have to do is to get everything into alignment and what I mean by that is everything has to be congruent. Your thoughts must match your feelings/beliefs and your feelings/beliefs must match your actions, which in turn creates your results, they flow and must continually flow, similar to the circle of life.

For example your conscious thought may be saying I really want to be a top earner in my business' that's your logical thought, but deep inside you there is this little emotional voice saying to you I'm not good enough, I don't deserve to be the best, I'm doing ok' and you have feelings of inadequacy. So in the end you say to yourself, I'm ok where I am, I don't really have to do anything to change and what happens to your actions? You don't take any and you stay exactly where you are.

You see your mindset starts from deep within, it's your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your fears and your self image. If any one of these don't match the others (including self image) then it's will be a constant uphill battle. Your thoughts are directing every action you take and you will not achieve the results you want if your beliefs and expectations do not match what you say you want you will not take action and you will definitely not get the results you want.

If you feel that this is what is happening to you in your business and in your life and you feel it's your mindset that is holding you back from having the success you want, then write this formula down, post it on your wall and read it and say it to yourself everyday: Thoughts = Feelings/Beliefs = Actions = Results

This formula seems simple but I assure you it is very powerful and if you apply this formula each and everyday you will create a positive mindset that will help you achieve the results you so desire in your business and your life.

Mindset Is The First And Ultimate Key To Your Business Success

By: DebraAbout the AuthorDebra Santonastaso is originally from Australia and lives in the Tuscany in Italy. She is a mother of 3 wholoves to spend quality time with her family and friends, she adores food and is hooked on sailing and travel.Debra works from home in network marketing as a business success coach and mentor, her passion is teaching and inspiring others to fulfill their dreams. She assists entrepreneurs with their home and internet business. The marketing educational system she uses has assisted in the success of some of the top earners in the network marketing industry. (ArticlesBase SC #3169802) guest:  register | login | search     IP( / Processed in 0.017678 second(s), 6 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 24 , 3503, 146,
Mindset Is The First And Ultimate Key To Your Business Success