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Making and Saving Money From Home, For Real People, Like You and Me by:Jen Alamilla

Making and Saving Money From Home, For Real People, Like You and Me by:Jen Alamilla

I have been working from home for about two years now

. I have finally found what works - both in saving money and making money from home. I think I can teach anyone - for FREE! Whether you need a part time income, or are looking for a full time job and need a way to pay the bills until you find one, there are several ways you can make decent money from home. Once you begin to participate in some creative varieties of income streams, you may find you no longer have the need to go out and look for a job working for someone else.

For some quick cash, research focus groups in your area. Focus groups will pay you cash or checks for your time. Payment varies depending on the length of the session, but most focus groups pay between $35 - $200 for 30 minutes to two hours of your time. In addition, you get to influence products and services that you utilize. Focus groups can be conducted in person, as well as over the phone or online from the comfort of your family room while you sit around in your pajamas. Beats listening to you boss! The focus groups that you participate in, in person, generally offer a meal for you while you are waiting to participate. Some have door prizes of cash for arriving early! Some are taste tests so food IS the focus group! Pizza is a popular one, but I never get tired of eating it!

You won't want to depend on one means of income, so you should participate in paid survey panels as well, online with legitimate companies. Legitimate companies will never ask you to pay them anything. Instead, they will pay you by PayPal, cash, gift cards or merchandise.

Another way to make money from home and save money at the same time is to sign up as a mystery shopper. Not only will you be reimbursed for your meals, services or products, but you might be paid for trying those meals, services or products for free. Mystery shopping is not limited to restaurants. You might get a free oil change or a free dental cleaning, amongst other things. Mystery shopping is fun for a free date too!

Still another great way to make and save money at the same time is to become a product tester. Almost every product you can imagine is tested at some point. From a tube of lipstick to an oven, companies will ask you to try (and often keep) their products. Sometimes your reimbursement is the product itself, but sometimes you get paid as well!

Research online coupons! You can find a coupon online for nearly everything you might purchase and they are just waiting to be printed. If there is not a coupon for it, there are great retail websites that can save you money on almost everything.

If you will spend the time you might spend on a part time job on these items, you will earn some extra money, free gift cards, merchandise and products along with many other benefits and you won't have to leave the comforts of your home like you would with a regular part time job. It will also be a lot more entertaining. The money you can make will depend on the time you are willing to invest. Looking for full time income? Invest full time hours into participating in focus groups, survey panels and more and you will build your income.

Wondering where to begin? Start with this blog, and you will find lists of brand name focus groups, survey panels, mystery shopping companies and much more! Just call it your own economic bailout plan! Best of luck to you working from home!

About the author

Jen Alamilla enjoys working with her co-workers: a chow chow, a poodle and two cats. She has been working from home successfully for over two years without selling anything and without participating in MLM or pyramids.

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Making and Saving Money From Home, For Real People, Like You and Me by:Jen Alamilla Ashburn