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London - Global Mba Capital?

London - Global Mba Capital?

There are few arguable dis-benefits associated with completing an MBA programme

, however the logistics of where and how long the education takes to complete creates room for various conversations to exist.

A culturally diverse and truly international city, London boosts numerous advantages for studying an MBA within the major metropolitan area. This article seeks to discuss some of those advantages from a students perspective with the hopes of providing insights for an exceptional educational experience abroad.

One of the most advantageous of Londons offerings is the one year MBA programme. Many other countries require at least a two year classroom commitment with additional time spent on dissertation writing, usually amounting to another six months of independent study. Completing a fulltime MBA in one years time is appealing for many prospects because these students are already in the workforce, returning usually to advance within their roles in existing sectors. The strong presence of Executive MBA (EMBA) programmes in London also makes it possible to do part-time study, which allows for students to continue working whilst completing their course of study.

London also is the financial capital of Europe, with hundreds of internationally traded companies within the city. This is especially the case within the banking sector, with large investment, commercial and personal banking organisations operating on a global scale within central London. The finance sector is not, of course, the only prominent industry in London.

There are many creative industries present such as those related to the arts, media, advertising and illustration, to name a few. Many of these organisations hold relationships with the prominent educational institutions in and around London providing MBA graduates the opportunity to find placements within various sectors. Before making a decision regarding which educational institution to attend, it is valuable to ascertain and consider the level of these relationships, as it will indeed add significant value to your degree.

London business schools and Universities also have some of the finest thought leaders on staff. The MBA tutors are well respected in their industries as well as in the world of academia, making them an invaluable resource to supplement the module learning experience. These relationships can also be a value adding element to both traditional MBA and EMBA programmes. As a resource, tutors can recommend networking avenues, provide company information and provide general guidance for continued success post -graduation.

International study in London has cultural benefits as well. As one of the most diverse cities in the world, there is an enormous opportunity for MBA and EMBA students to expand their interests and to develop their understanding of world. This understanding can be developed by taking advantage of the many free museums, libraries, historical sites and art exhibits in town. There is also a diverse range of performing arts venues and schools. All of these can assist students in developing a holistic and well-rounded educational experience.

Clearly, London provides an excellent environment for continued professional education; offering not only a culturally diverse atmosphere to provide a well-rounded perspective, but also the opportunity to learn from some of the worlds foremost thought leaders in business, economics and management. Choosing the right business school or university is of the utmost importance for MBA and EMBA students wishing to develop their networks and find placements within leading global corporations with offices in London.

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London - Global Mba Capital?