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Linkedin A True Social Online Business Strategy?

Linkedin A True Social Online Business Strategy?

Author: Alan Whitmire

Linkedin for Your Online Business Strategy

What isLinkedin and can you use it to gain leads in your online business? The answer is yes but it is not an easy social networking platform to use like facebook or twitter.

Linkedin is a community of business and corporate professionals interacting in a more organized. adept way. You need to have a special knowledge base or mindset in order to be able to speak with these people on their terms. When I first heard of Linkedin and how my mentors were getting 15+ leads per day, I needed to begin using this strategy as well. It wasnt as easy as I thought. Sign up, add friends and contacts and start networking.....right? Wrong! As a member of Linkedin you have to some how be affiliated with the people to be able to add them to your network. Based on my hit and miss experience I have narrowed it down to what I believe are a few easy points to help you Linkin. The first point you need to consider is building a profile that looks authoritative. By that I mean you should have a quality picture of yourself and a background that looks proficient.

Your profile needs to look skillful, like you are applying for a regular position/job, it should be done with as much quality as a resume. Do Not Use under any circumstances cartoons

pics, or cuddly little animals or funny jokes, sayings. Remember these people are pro's. The second point would be to brand yourself as an authority. List your educational qualities, and your professional background. You are seeking other marketers to join your business, so I would stay away from including all the online companies you have worked with or work with currently. Remember the focus is on you as a proficient leader in your field, not on your business(s). Now after setting yourself up with your experience, skills, and educational background your Gmail account connections that are relevant can and should be accessed or imported to join in your Linkedin Network. This is one of the easiest ways to begin connecting with your peers. Linkedin will provide you with an option asking them to join. Then search on Linkedin for individuals you already know and request to connect with them. Last but not least, is to join Groups. Linkedin is similar to other social sites in that you can create targeted searches for MLM or Network Marketing or a certain niche that you wish to use. You may also zero in on other companies, join those groups and become a regular participant of creating or replying to articles and disucssions. You can also post in the job section for career changes if that would be a piece of your target audience. Like many of the other networking platforms consistency is key with this strategy in order to see results. If one dayyou write an article and then don't come back for an extended period of time, you will begin to lose anyhard fought believability on Linkedin. So I highly advise that keep your profile, and all skills, experience, education and background on a proficient, authoritative level. Brand yourself, not your company and be a participant, regularly, and follow these easy points, as you build your connections to stay Linkedin. About the Author:

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