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Intraday Commodity Trading Tips For Ever

Intraday Commodity Trading Tips For Ever

The Welfare Association Punjab Rice Miller spoke to the Union fertilizer minister

, but the center has not had any relief yet. While on the Mmle is done, the sooner a significant risk of crop damage. The government brought in the food safety law enforcement may be causing trouble.

Guar futures manipulation has revealed a voice on CNBC. CNBC names of brokers who know the sound quite a commodity futures regulator FMC's action. Guar futures manipulation campaign on CNBC sound effect of the regulator's action.

Paddy in Punjab, Rs 15,000 crore have been caught in a whirlpool of choice. The absence of relief in terms of milling due to the milling of paddy so far have been only 10 per cent.

32 million tonnes of rice mills in Punjab, lying in the milling of rice should be. But until now has only 9 million tonnes to the milling. FCI split the 3 per cent and 3 per cent of the mills have the condition of color.

Owners find that this volume should be 4 per cent. Last 5 years the Ministry of manure and rice mills and breakdown between the color change is the same game. State the amount of pressure is increased by 4 per cent. But this year due to election code of conduct matter is trapped.

International market gains in the domestic market, crude oil is traded on firmly. The domestic market is seeing a decline in gold and silver.

Currently, 0.5 per cent on mcx live crude oil is trading at Rs 5370 with. Naimeks with slight edge on the crude oil has reached around $ 102.

MCX gold light on the decline and is trading at Rs 27 740. The weakness of silver from 0.2 per cent to Rs 51800 has occurred. Copper is trading at Rs 401.70 broke the 0.15 per cent.

Light at the Edge looks at NCDEX potatoes. Potatoes about 1 per cent has been strong and is trading at Rs 596.50. Pepper with the boom of the 0.5 per cent is trading at Rs 32 375. Potatoes on the NCDEX May futures declined by 3 per cent. In addition, castor seed oil and refined soya are trading at 2 per cent.

Crude oil has declined in the early fall. The commodity trading calls crude oil has seen the fall of nearly 1 per cent. The lower levels of crude oil purchases from Naimeks returned. Nearly 22 million barrels of crude oil reserves in the United States has increased. The Rs 5,400 on MCX crude oil is trading up.

Silver has declined. But silver prices are still up to Rs 52,000. In the gold business is slow. Although the price has risen close to Rs 28,000.

Today has been a sharp decline in Chinese. NCDEX sugar price has come down to Rs 2,800. International market is in decline. Sugar is trading around $ 606 on Liffe. Production has increased pressure on prices. In the country during the current season, sugar production has increased nearly 17 per cent. The Government today released a Srkulr of Chinese export permit is extended to 1 month. During the current season is allowed to export 10 million tonnes of sugar.

Soybeans declined today. Futures price has fallen nearly 1 per cent. Soy oil is traded on the decline. Ncdex tipssoybean has come close to Rs 2,500.

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