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Ideas: Home Businesses and the Ball Adage Policy by:Gina Gray

Ideas: Home Businesses and the Ball Adage Policy by:Gina Gray

It has come to light that men (well most men)

, have somehow lost their balls. It's not just a tragedy, but also an epidemic. The John Waynes are gone. Who killed them? Can we get them back? Please? It seems that most men have been emotionally castrated in our society and I believe I know who did it. Women. That's right, women!

What I really wonder is: do we like the new men of our society, the men without balls? Or, do we miss the balls? And, how the hell does this relate to your, home-based business? Ill tell you, but first a story...

So, I am a woman and am I guilty of this? Probably. Do I regret the emotional removal of one's testicles, maybe? My first husband came with no balls; his previous wife swiped them and ran. My current husband came with some still in tact, and I think after 7.5 years of being together he has at least one full one left. Which is still better than none.

And, as of late I had a friend that I recently found out has none. Thats right his wife took his too. It's a shame really.
Ideas: Home Businesses and the Ball Adage Policy by:Gina Gray

His balls are so gone that his wife has him convinced that pursuing happiness in others is a sickness and that he needs to be treated for it. Her exact words were, "You like to be with women that make you feel good about yourself." Well, duh.

Apparently, that wasn't her job. Or, if it was she wasn't doing it. Apparently he can only find happiness with her. And, if hes not getting it from home, hes not supposed to find it anywhere else. Period. As a result, he is now entering counseling for this "disease."


So, my question to us women is: do we like our men ball-less or do we miss the real MEN? Do we really like being so controlling and so micro-manage oriented that our male population are left scared to talk to anyone, scared to communicate with the opposite sex, and made to feel guilty when they have a good time without us?

Don't you think that takes away part of his soul, that is, who he is as person or his inner peace and happiness? Or, do we really just not give a damn, because hey we have the "control." We have created a weaker man a man with no backbone. Is that a happy man, a man to be proud of? I don't think so.

It was kind of flattering back in the day, when men stood their ground, and put their foot down. Damn, I think it is kind of sexy actually, if you see how men USED TO BE.

Now, this doesn't mean they should "go off" half-cocked, as if they don't have to be good and control themselves.

It does mean, that we need to treat them like MEN and let them be happy. Whether its scratching their balls, what's left of them anyway, going out to watch the game with their buddies, or having a conversation (maybe even a conversation with the opposite sex). It's Ok, because if you treat them like men and with respect, and remember to admire them and all the great things they do for us and compliment them. Then I can assure you, they will be good as gold and love you for it so much more.

So, what is my point and what does this have to do with home-based business marketing?

Well, if you are a man, and want to make money helping and selling to local businesses, show them you have the BALLS to make their business money, and that youre the MAN for the job. Walk into the place of business and strut your stuff. Stand proud, push your shoulders back, push out your mid region and act confident. You can do it. Gina has given you the Ball "Adage" policy!

If youre a woman go be sweet, kind, and caring. By caring I mean, truly show you care about his/her business. Show the business owner that you will prove your worth and that you are the wo-MAN for the job. Remember to compliment the owner on something, show them the results they will get when they implement your services. Leave the business owner with his balls, and you can tell him that his businesses will be better because you are dedicated to making his business the most successful in his field, in his area.

Then, he will feel like he has BIG BALLS and your home-based marketing efforts will pay off.


Gina Gray

"The Gina Gray Way"

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