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How To Use Multi Level Marketing For Your Online Business

How To Use Multi Level Marketing For Your Online Business

Multi Level Marketing is a term often frowned at; especially after pyramid schemes

picked up the basic concept and changed it into a sort of con scheme. However, Multi Level Marketing (also known as MLM or Network Marketing) is a very legitimate form of marketing and often quite effective as well. With the passage of time it has taken new modified shapes or names such as affiliate marketing but still the basic structure stays the same i.e. marketing and selling the products through direct sales and compensating sellers on both, sales of new products and bringing in another seller into the system. On the face of it, this is pretty much the same the pyramid schemes claim to do, but the basic difference lies in the product. The legitimate MLM opportunities have a genuine product of reasonable value for the consumers; in contrast pyramid schemes are based on bogus products that offer little or no value to the consumers.

Using Multi Level Marketing for your online business is easy, since all of these social communities and new technologies make direct selling and keeping records of referrals much easier. However, you should make sure that the emphasis is always on the product and end-users, and not entirely on commissions and referrals. Secondly, even though you should set some criteria for your MLM or affiliate program, there shouldnt be any kind of joining fees involved (it will make it appear more like a pyramid scheme instead of MLM, sending negative signals to the marketers). You should provide the distributors/independent sellers with some basic information about the product and its advantages, after setting out the criteria for marketing. Remember, that they will be representing your product and in case they get involved in some negative tactics, your business reputation will also suffer.

You must be careful when preparing a return or refund policy. Having no return policy will be unfavorable to customers, whereas making it too permissive will allow the shrewd ones to exploit the system. Ideally you should offer commissions on the sale of product only, however you can also offer commissions for referring new affiliate members, but you must make sure that the one who sets up new affiliate is getting no commission on sales made by the new affiliate. Ask your affiliate members to pass on the customer feedback because sometimes, businesses make the mistake of ignoring the real customers and focusing more on their sellers.

by: William
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How To Use Multi Level Marketing For Your Online Business