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How To Manage Different Types Of Clients In Services Business

How To Manage Different Types Of Clients In Services Business

There are two types of businesses first that sell tangible products (clothing

, computer, mobile phones, and the likes) and the others that sell services (hairdresser, graphic designer, photographer, etc). Different types of customers/clients dont really matter when you are selling some product, for the reason that it is a physical product and when purchasing they are very much aware of what are they going to get. However, when it comes to services sector, the things become a little complicated and you need to treat different customers differently. Given below are some common types that youll find in service business.

The bargaining client:

Usually tangible products have fixed prices, but theres always room for bargaining when it comes to service business (or at least some clients think so). For such clients, you have to justify each and every penny of the price you are asking for, and they will make sure they can get the services at the lowest price possible. They will ask for discounts by stating various reasons, for example their financial miseries, market prices or the nature of work. You cant do anything about it when you are dealing with them for the first time; however you must make sure that when they come back, you start from quoting high prices, leaving a margin of big discounts to please them.

The (seemingly) indifferent ones:

The word seemingly is inserted because they sound indifferent only as long as you havent come up with the final product. Till then, theyd never state their requirements plainly, regardless of your repeated inquiries, giving an impression that theyll be satisfied with anything you do. Thats not the case at all, because as soon as youve completed the project, they will suddenly turn into a hard hitting person. The best way to manage these clients is to present your rough drafts for their approval instead of getting to them with the final product.

The Impatient Ones:

They consider their project to be the most important one (or maybe they think youve got nothing else to do other than their work). They start calling and inquiring impatiently about the progress from the word go, at time you find yourself spending more time in replying to their mails and phone calls than actually working on their project. Its not easy for everyone to work under such pressure; therefore you should only agree to work for them if you are getting adequate compensation.

The Bossy Ones:

Sometimes, you get to deal with bossy characters in your business as well. They have got so many requirements, expectations and interventions and they treat you like some of their paid workers (instead of an independent business). They will question each and every decision you make on your own, at times they will show lack of respect towards your experience and skills. If you are the type who gets stirred up by such behavior, you should simply avoid such clients.

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