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How To Go About Shipping Of A Piano?

Shipping a piano overseas while relocating is one of the most challenging tasks for anybody

. Moving a piano requires lot of human effort along with proper planning and organization. Some of the most important steps to be undertaken for moving the piano are:

Decision Of Availing Professional help

The bulky and complicated framework of a piano makes it next to impossible to move it by your own. This makes it all the more important to hire professional services for moving the piano. In case professional services are not availed, it is advisable to call a few friends for help. If you decide to avail professional help, you must book the piano removalists in advance. It must be ensured that professional help is available after relocating the piano to the new home as well.

Planning The Move

Planning the move is the best way to minimize the complexities of shipping the piano overseas. The best way of going about the move is to move the piano before moving anything else from your home. The arrangements for the move must be made in advance. Purchasing secure straps, padding or renting extra blankets beforehand, to pack the piano for the move, is a prerequisite. You must choose a good shipping company and book it in advance. You must make sure that you have pre decided the place to keep the piano at your new home in order to avoid confusion on reaching your new home. A company representative from your shipping company must come home and see the piano in place, so that no additional charges are levied.

Preparing The Piano For The Move

The preparation of the piano for the move requires a step by step approach as given below:

1.Protecting The Keyboard: It is important to close and lock the keyboard lid to prevent it from opening during the move. The keyboard lid must be locked during the move as the keys of the piano are very delicate. Tape must not be used to lock the lid as it can damage the wood surface.

2.Wrapping The Piano: The piano must be wrapped with blankets and thick padding to protect the piano from bumps. The corners of the piano, in particular, must be wrapped and secured carefully with tape. Tape must be kept away from the wood surface. The legs of the piano can also be wrapped in large bath towels.

3.Work out the shortest distance: The shortest distance to move the piano from home must be worked out. In case the shortest distance comprises of stairs, it is wise to avoid it and go for a longer distance. The path for moving the piano must be cleared to avoid any disturbances.

4.Dismantling The Piano: Dismantling the piano is a great idea for more convenience while moving it. The piano can be moved easily by dismantling it into its different parts. Each part can be carried easily after that.

5.Preparing The Walls: While moving the piano, the walls of your home are prone to scratches and bumps. You can cover them with bedsheets or blankets to avoid these scratches and bumps.

Lifting The Piano

Lifting the piano is a Herculean task in itself. The piano should not be lifted by its legs as they are very susceptible to damage. It must be kept in an upright position as laying it on its side can be dangerous for its inner mechanics. The moving straps must be put under the piano's bottom, with a strap on each end, and then lifted.

Loading The Piano

After lifting the piano and moving it out of the house, the piano must be loaded onto a truck to be taken for shipping overseas. The piano must be put at the back of the moving truck. Wooden planks can be used to be laid along the back wall of the truck. The use of wooden plank is very helpful in stabilizing the move. It must be ensured that the piano does not roll in the moving truck.

Shipping The Piano

It is important to choose a shipping company that provides insurance. This can help in covering the loss in case of any accidents. In case storage of piano is involved while shipping, it is advisable to enquire about the storage facilities and ensure that the piano will be safe. The services of Australia Shipping can be availed for shipping the piano conveniently.

Moving The Piano To The New Location

It is important to make sure that professional help is available for moving the piano to your new home. The piano must be placed in the location pre decided for it. You must take care of the walls of your new home while moving the piano inside. The piano must be carefully reassembled after moving in.

The shipping of piano overseas costs a huge amount of money. Sometimes, the shipping of the piano can be more than the present value of an old piano. It is better to sell off the piano in such situations to avoid the hassles of shipping and moving it.

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