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How To Find Success With Your MLM Business

How To Find Success With Your MLM Business

Ever wondered how you run a successful MLM business


Have you ever stopped to think about what will guarantee the success you want and need in your home business?

Well, let's pause for a second and take a look at two of the most lucrative franchise businesses today; McDonald's and Subway.

Now, McDonald's and Subway are not network marketing companies, but the concepts behind their success can find application in mlm.

Apart from the food, what comes to your mind when you think of both McDonald's and Subway?

Every McDonald's outlet is comparable to every other McDonald's outlet in functions and so many other facets. Likewise, every Subway outlet is similar to every other Subway outlet. These organisations are run with one thing in mind; Keep It Simple, Stupid! They call it the KISS Principle.

When you walk into any McDonald's or Subway outlet, anywhere in the world, you are sure that the business can be (and most likely is) run by young people; and by young, I am referring to people just approaching the age of twenty.

Now, for large companies like these, that's certainly keeping things simple.

If these organisations can be as successful as they are, and have their franchises that uncomplicated and straight-forward to run, there must be some clues there for a home business owner.

A Network Marketing Success Example from McDonald's and Subway

McDonald's makes use of systems that are simple, duplicable and proven. These systems do not require a highly educated individual to figure them out, use them and find success with them. This is the secret to success with McDonald's and Subway.

McDonald's and Subway franchises have in place, systems that are so straightforward that the majority of people can be familiar with and execute them.

While you're building your MLM business, what kind of systems are you putting in place?

Do you and your downline members find the systems easy to operate and implement? Are your team members duplicating these systems without difficulty, and finding success with them in their Network Marketing home businesses?

Duplication is primarily based on ease of operation and execution of your systems. The easier it is for someone else to comprehend and execute whatever systems you have in place, the more likely they will run a successful MLM business.

A Thriving Home Based Business Makes Use Of Systems.

Whether you run your Home business leveraging the internet or traditionally, to find success, you will undoubtedly have systems in place.

Without systems, you have no duplicable processes of operation, and so any team members on your team will find it difficult to be a success in their home businesses. Since mlm is a business of leverage, this will impact on your success.

At the very least, you must have systems in place, for:

1. Generating leads

2. Building rapport with prospects

3. Presenting your business opportunity to your prospects

4. Teaching your prospects to do the same

This of course is a simplistic view of things, but it encompasses the fact that, to succeed in your network marketing business, you need to have systems in place.

Systems give certain standards to operations, and allow for duplication within your team.

Imagine each and every McDonald's outlet running without a single system in place. Over time, it would most likely be difficult to tell which outlets are actual McDonald's franchises, as some would undoubtedly lose their identity in the ensuing chaos.

In MLM, your brand is important, but the key to success is duplication, and duplication thrives where you keep it plain and you have systems in place that your new downline members can operate and have success with.

Are you secure with the systems you have in place as you run your MLM business? Do you run your Network Marketing business with the help of systems?

How To Find Success With Your MLM Business

By: Michael Makahamadze
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How To Find Success With Your MLM Business