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Global Warming Is Not Natural How?

Warming up of the environment around us is normal

. It can be stated as natural too. However, the question is, is there any extent to which it is said to be normal and natural? Well, todays state and level of global warming is a threat to earths existence. And, the reason or the cause of global warming condition of today is not natural.

Global warming is basically the result of greenhouse effect on earth. Now, it is important for us to understand, what is greenhouse effect? The warming up of the atmosphere due to gases and vapor can be treated as greenhouse effect. There are certain elements known as greenhouse gases. These green house gases are like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, water vapor etc.

When released, greenhouse gases in the atmosphere lead to global warming. These gases have got the characteristic of trapping the heat in them and thus increasing the temperature level around. This clearly results in global warming.

Greenhouse effect has always been there. However, it has become a threat now as it is rising day by day. The main contributors to todays situation are manmade. Global warming can result in drastic things. Volcanoes, floods, droughts are few natural calamities triggered by global warming. Apart from them, another global warming effect is melting of the glaciers. With global warming glaciers, the sea level is rising day by day. This imposes as another threat of earth merging under water.

With all these threats, before we take measures to save our self from the effects of global warming, it is essential that we understand the causes of it. The manmade causes of global warming are:

Cause 1: Power Plants: Power plants are the major contributor of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They burn fossil fuels to generate power and releases huge amount of this harmful greenhouse gas. Undoubtedly this is not a natural cause.

Cause 2: Packaged items: With so much of packaging around for all items, be it gifts, food etc, lot of resources go wasted. Thus, it is an indirect contributor to global warming. Most of the things are packaged in plastic bags, hence increases the garbage around. If things are packaged in paper bags, then this paper is obtained by cutting down trees.

Cause 3: Deforestation: With huge number of trees getting cut down for a lot of things and land, we are left with fewer friends who can absorb harmful gases from the atmosphere. Trees not just absorb these gases but also releases life gas i.e. oxygen.

Cause 4: Wastage of fuel and power: Mankind loves to show off what they have got. We go from same place to same place in different cars. This way we are consuming a lot of fuel which can be saved for future. With more usage of fuel, there is more pollution in the air. This also sums up to global warming.

Hence, global warming is a natural thing to happen, however, when we talk about it becoming a threat; the contributor is human being.

by: Yachi
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