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Global Warming by:Daniel J. M. Galpin

This issue is receiving much attention in the news with many declaring the end of

the earth as we know it and insisting that we take immediate action or it will be too late. They enlisted many entertainment professionals to aid in their declaration, but is it fact or fiction? One thing is curtain, haste makes waste.

I raise this question for many reasons. One being that while many scientist claim it is fact, many others claim it is not. One side says if you listen to real scientist, you will see that they say it's true, but the other side claims to have real scientists too. Apparently real scientist are in disagreement, thus I repeat, haste makes waste. Secondly, 20 years ago scientists were claiming the next ice age and that we must be ready and 15 years before that they warned of global warming and prior to that the next ice age. Thus can we really trust those groups currently claiming global warming? Thirdly, those same scientist claim that evolution is how we all got here and they claim it to be science, yet true science is defined by something that is testable, observable and repeatable. Neither evolution or creation, for that matter, fall into the definition of science. Both are merely beliefs of how we got here. Beliefs, while good intentions are not science! Therefore can the scientists be trusted to evaluate climate conditions? And if the beliefs of evolution is true, why would we be fighting the next step? Again, haste makes waste.

I will concede to the fact that weather conditions appear to be changing. We are having hotter days and colder days. We are having cold when it should be hot and hot when it should be cold. The past two winters where I live have been much warmer than many before them and this summer seems to be cooler. The climate patterns we are accustomed to seem to be changing. In addition, frequency and intensity of natural disasters seem to be growing. However, is that due to human activity or is there another possible answer?

I propose just as there is a long standing debate regarding our beginnings: Evolution Vs. Creation, there is also another possible explanation for the climate changing conditions. Those that claim global warming, warn that the end is near, if we don't do something soon. While I disagree about their conclusions regarding what is causing climate change, I do agree, the end may be near. The most accurate history book available to the human race also declares meteorological disasters will increase towards the end of time as we know it. The Bible warns they are like a woman's birthing pains. Thus, disasters will increase.

I leave this as a second possible cause for our planets change in climate. While we can see the changes taking place and observe them, compare them to past records and thus conclude such change is occurring, we merely believe and cannot prove that humans are responsible. This would require us to test, observe and repeat the past actions of our ancestors and that is something we can not do. I place my belief in a trusted source, the most accurate history book in history, the Bible. I do believe we need to prepare for the end, although the end that is coming is unavoidable and certain. Humankind cannot fix it. We will have to endure it and either accept or reject the one that is causing it: the Lord and Savior of all humanity, Jesus Christ.





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Global Warming by:Daniel J. M. Galpin