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Global Visas Complaints: Some Points On Hsmp

Mostly people do complaints regarding the visa process when they failed to clear

this and when they dont get anything from the complaints they perform the illegal way to get the visa. And this increase the population of illegal immigration. To reduce the Visas Complaints I suggest some tips in how to gain HSMP.

1.HSMP Translation

You must have all foreign language documents translated into English When you applying for an HSMP visa. If there are any supporting documents that are not in English your HSMP application will be denied

2.HSMP Entry Clearance

There are two steps in the process of getting an HSMP visa.

Firstly you have to apply for an HSMP visa and receive an approval letter from the UK Home Office.

Secondly you have to apply for and receive entry clearance from a UK consulate in your home country. The entry clearance takes the shape of a letter and a physical sticker in your passport that states your visa status.

Both of these two steps must be done before you enter the UK. You cannot apply for an HSMP or receive entry clearance while living in the UK. If you are already in the UK when you apply for an HSMP, you should return to your home country to gain entry clearance.

3.UK Consulates for HSMP Entry Clearance

Not every UK consulate In the US has the authority to issue entry clearance permits to people with HSMP approval letters.

The only UK consulates in the US that can issue entry clearance are the UK consulates in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

4.HSMP Entry Clearance Turn around Time

The turnaround time for an HSMP entry clearance is pretty fast. Make sure to send your approval letter, application, and passport to the correct consulate as not every consulate has the authority to approve HSMP entry clearance.

In general, the HSMP entry clearance turnaround time is only 1 or 2 weeks. Of course this depends on the time of year and the number of applications pending approval.

Just store this information in your mind and make your immigration according to law. Come along with Global Visas Complaints team and reduce the population of illegal immigration.

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