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Dynasty Trusts Good for Economy and Democracy

A well-designed and well-managed dynasty trust is an engine of economic growth and stability, protects its beneficiaries from the vagaries and tyrannies of corporate and governmental managers, and enables the freedom of critical thought and honest conduct that is the essence of a republic.Dynasty trusts can take many forms, but a common characteristic is that trust assets accumulate and are used for the benefit of trust...more

Research in Focus - Global Carbonated Drinks Market Forecast to Grow

In the report, entitled Future Success Strategies for Carbonated Soft Drinks, just-drinks predicts that, during this time, market volume will rise by nearly 8% to 230bn litres. Higher growth is forecast for the sports and energy drinks sector, which is expected to account for 24% of overall market value by 2014. "Future strategies for the major industry players are likely to focus upon further removal of sugar and artificial...more

What Is Amega Global?

Group Boss , Arun Kemer is a virtual expert in coaching and motivating groups and people to reach their goals and total potential. The health and wellbeing industry has an especially huge market but the competitive atmosphere means new products coming out must stand proud amongst the rest. What Amega offers are products that are based primarily on "traditional natural healing knowledge" mixed with quantum physics. But they also have the more standard product like the EGA consumable products that focus on beauty and AMGenex, an antioxidant-rich superfood mix. Bio Energetic products is claimed to blend traditional "Magnetic Care " with Far Infra Red technology into a trendy jewellery like bangles.The magnetic bands go from different metals like silver, gold, and titanium. Human consciousness, according the company, can experience positive results of the energy generate by the product. The products in this line include a bronze, gold, and silver pendant that "taps" energy in the environment and channels it to push wellbeing in you. Also included is the AMWand, the multi-purpose energising wand that allegedly prompts self-healing and decreases body pains among other wonderful benefits....more

MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH GDI (global domains international inc) what is it and how it works

What is Global Domains InternationalYou are about to join countless of thousands of real people in more than 180 countries worldwide who are living their dreams and building their own income for life. You are about to be presented with the tools you will need to turn that desire into reality. In this short article, we will quickly...more


The whole world is currently being faced with economic melt down and its effects are biting hard on almost every Organization and individual. Previous standard economic and financial formulas that used to work before when applied to situations like this have failed woefully in this present situation.Economic and financial experts all...more

Things To Ensure Before Purchasing Organic Bread

All types of food are presently classified as organic or non-organic from fruits and vegetables to bread, meat and dairy products. Although organic bread, for instance, is not that widely available, lots of people consider it the only choice to include in their diets.In fact, the emphasis on organic bread gets us closer to a time when bakeries supported the life of communities, long before huge bread manufacturers took over the processes. Whole grain bread from crops that have not been treated with any sorts of chemicals represent the only ingredients of handmade organic brain.Other than the organic bread made from normal whole grain flour, there are kinds of organic bread made exclusively from whole grains. This helps people with food sensitivities or intolerance to wheat, but most of the times the consumer finds a product and sticks to it. Depending on the geographical location, some regions favor organic bread more than others. Fortunately, in quite a number of farms, chemicals are not used that much in grain crops, which give a semi-organic property to the final products.Yet, heavily mechanized countries in the West offer plenty of bread products resulting from regular crops...more

Purchasing Furnishings From An Ethan Allen Outlet

Home furnishings company Ethan Allen Interiors has some groundbreaking suggestions for your home's living room and other spaces. Named in honor of the American patriot, the top to bottom networked company has in the region of ten furniture...more

Find Freelance Opportunities With Global Outsourcing

In this age of computer and Internet, when technology is at its prime and is easily available for everyone out there to put it into good use, no wonder skilled and qualified workers with a good knowledge in any particular profession will try to...more

Vision Shopsters: World Container And General Cargo Shipping 2010 (ssmr Issue 5/6)

The report (SSMR issue 5/6) includes detailed statistical information on the container carrier fleet as well as container shipping and trade, including a comment on the latest market developments. In addition, it contains approx. 30 general...more

Vision Shopsters: Isl Shipping Statistics Yearbook 2009

The yearbook is recognized worldwide as a standard statistical work for the maritime sector and has been created and designed by ISL experts especially to cover the information needs of shipping companies, shipyards, port operators, brokers, banks,...more

Tradition of sending Diwali Gifts to India amongst the global Diaspora

Not many days are left for Diwali now. People have started get their houses and shops renovated. This is the time when most of the Indians plan some new things in their life. It can be cars, houses, computer, laptop, watches or...more

Vision Shopsters: Major Shipping Nations 2009 (ssmr Issue 11)

The report (SSMR issue 11) includes detailed statistical information on the world's largest shipping nations, including a comment on the latest developments. In addition, it contains approx. 30 general indicators on maritime economics and...more
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