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Giving Out Free Tutorials To Market Your Business

Giving Out Free Tutorials To Market Your Business

Theres a good reason why companies of all shapes and sizes continue to this day giving out freebies to their customers

. You might think theyre losing money by doing this, but its actually the opposite. Financial experts have long computed the profitability of giving away freebies as a marketing strategy, and as long as youre giving away the right thing at the right time and marketing it correctly, youre sure to gain more from it than youve spent.

Which Online Business Can Benefit from Giving Out Free Tutorials?

Among all types of businesses, its actually those that receive income from teaching that benefits the most from giving out free tutorials even if the opposite seems true.

Say, youve set up your own Internet marketing consultancy firm. If you give out free tutorials on designing a website using SEO techniques, it might seem like a bad choice because the advice youre giving away could have been something a client might hire you for. But actually, all your free tutorials amount to is simply giving customers a taste of what they can expect from you. Businesses offering services, all kinds of services, should give out free tutorials that would leave their users wanting for more and build your credibility.

Credibility is hard to build from scratch. Its harder to prove if you dont have concrete evidence, and thats why you need to give out free tutorials. You dont have to advertise about your tutorials too much because people will immediately flock to get them since theyre free. When they try it out and like what youve did, voila! Youve got your credibility built and all you have to do is fan their interest some more until theyre ready and willing to pay for your services.

Its a different process altogether with businesses selling products instead of services. Their tutorials cant very well give out information as to how their products are made, unlike service-based businesses, because thats tantamount to giving away their secrets to success as well. Rather, their free tutorials should be indirectly related only to their products.

Topics used for their free tutorials should most especially be related to how their products could be more beneficial to their users. A business selling dog food, for instance, could provide feed tutorials on the proper way on grooming their pet toy dogs. At the end of their tutorials, they could include a brief advertisement on how their products could also improve the natural softness, thickness, and shine of their pet dogs coats.

5 Tips on How to Make an Effective Tutorial

Now that you know just how useful giving away free tutorials can be, here are some things you can do to ensure that your end product is something that will not only be of great use to your customers but serve as a sales or performance booster for your business as well!

Tip #1 Make two versions of tutorials: one thats purely text-based and one thats either video-based or with lots of graphics. The first one is for those who doesnt like spending too much time downloading tutorials and prefer more detailed instructions. Video or graphical tutorials on the other hand are suited for those who prefer simple step-by-step guides.

Tip #2 Dont assume anything. If your tutorial is targeting beginners, make sure that you explain all technical terms used in your tutorial. Do not skip any important step simply because you believe your user already knows that part. If you wish, provide a link that a user can click if he doesnt understand a particular step and which others who already understand can readily pass by.

Tip #3 Always use and before-and-after photos and effects so that your client will greatly experience the impact or changes achieved by your tutorial.

Tip #4 Label your tutorials clearly. State the topic and provide a brief description. Include the level of proficiency required and of course, dont forget to let them know who made the tutorial so that credits will remain yours even when its posted in other websites.

Tip #5 At the end of your tutorial, always invite your users to send you whatever comments, suggestions, or inquiries they may have regarding your work. Provide them with your contact information. Lastly, invite them to drop by your website or join your newsletter to receive similar tutorials for free!

by: Elijah Chai
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Giving Out Free Tutorials To Market Your Business