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Get Cash Back Up To 25% From Your Favorite Online Stores

Get Cash Back Up To 25% From Your Favorite Online Stores

Imagine seeing some cute shoes online that you must

, must have for $100. You can either go directly to the online store and purchase the shoes and show them off once you receive them, or you can go to certain websites that offer cash back up to 25% if you go to this online store using a link at the website and get $25 (25%) back when you spend the $100 that you were going to spend anyway. Which scenario sounds attractive to you? Spend $100 and not look back or spend the same $100 and get $25 back so you only spend $75?

There are several websites that offer these cash back incentives when you join free. They list thousands of well known online stores. These stores pay them commissions for sending customers and once they do, a portion of the commissions are paid to you after you make a purchase.

Once you join and you decide to make an online purchase from any online store all you need to do is go to the cash back website and see if your favorite store is listed and follow the link to the merchant's website.

You only receive cash back when you use the link at the website since this is the only way that a record will be kept of any purchases and the resulting cash back amount due you.

Although the cash back varies from 1% to 25%, most of the cash back amounts are between 1% and 10%. Cash backs offered are usually increased and sometimes doubled during special periods or holidays.

Another excellent incentive to join is that these websites also offer coupons or promo codes on top of the cash back rates which go a long way to reducing the amount of money you spend. During these hard times, the more money you keep the better. These additional coupons or promo codes may include free shipping or additional discounts on the prices of products.

The good thing about these websites is that they do not require you to submit any rebate forms to the websites. All you will have to do is give them an email address for all contacts relating to any cash due you and also so that the websites can notify you when the cash back amounts have been sent to you.

You will receive the cash amount either through Paypal or a check. All expenses are usually handled by the rebate site with no deductions from the cash back amount due you. Some of these websites also allow you to send this money to a friend or a charity. They usually handle the payment and all you need to do is provide them with the information on whom or what organization you would like the money paid to.

Payments are usually made on a quarterly basis to allow the merchant's normal return period to lapse. When you return a product you purchased to the merchant, the original cash back credited to your account is forfeited which is normal since at the end of the day, you would not have made a purchase once you return the item.

Membership is open to all besides those residing in the USA or Canada as long as your favorite online store ships internationally outside of the US and Canada.

As you can see, it makes no sense to leave money on the table with the cash, coupons and promos codes offered by these sites. Joining is free and there are no membership fees.

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Get Cash Back Up To 25% From Your Favorite Online Stores