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CTT (Catch The Trend ) Trading Method

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CTT Trading System

Hi friends

Here we are to study about a trading system

Exactly here we don't want to learn just a trading system and use it to make profit , we want to begin to learn the way of trading . also we will tell and collect here some of the most important notes that a professional trader need to trade .

About the CTT Trading System

One of the best type of positions are the ones that will get and catch trends of market , advantage of a trading system is determining true trend and get more pips and profit in that trend by adding new positions

this system tries to catch trend of market because of that we call this system CTT - Catch The Trend -

and with adding new positions we try to get more profit .

it is a very simple trading system that just using 2 indicators .

before starting to tell more about the system lets talk a little about the advantages of a good trading system , what do you think about a good trading system ? what specification should have to be a good system?

First of all a good trading system is that when you want to trade on a pair or anything else shows you that you should be a buyer or seller or this is not a good place to trade and don't make you confused .

Another important case is that a system has a mechanical entry points . because this market influence our mind in very dangerous way and cause our mistakes in determine part of our plan for entering the market .

It's good to have a limited risk for each position and know the time that our analyse is fail .

As we know we can not define the movement potential so where we want to put our take profit ? i think we don't have the best take profit level , because we can't understand how much in the potential of this movement so the best way of exiting position in to trail our trade . because of that sometimes we will get 30 pips and sometimes get more .

So in brief :

1.Know here we want to have sell positions or buy or this is no trade zone place for us .

2.mechanical entry points .

3.Have stop loss level

4.trailing the positions

In this trading system we use two time frame and two indicators for trading

1st picture is daily chart of eurusd that we will find out the trend via that

then we will check the H4 time frame for entry points ( the 2nd picture )

this system is really simple and easy to use

and how could we trade with this trading system ?

it is really simple and easy to use

first we see the trend of alligator in daily time frame , when the trend is up we just understand that we will be a buyer in the market and when trend is down we will be a seller and when alligator doesn't have any trend we don't trade . ( the alligator setting is in template )

now when we have understood the situation ( buy or sell or no trade ) in the market . we will go to H4 time frame and with the custom indicator that shows us a breakout , we get the position in the direction we defined .

An important note about the indicator : it is not important for us to see the up or down arrow , the support and resistant circles are important for us when we are a buyer then after price break the resistant circles to up that is the buy point , so we don't need to see the up arrows or down arrows the important thing is the breakout of the circles .

where is stoploss?

we will put the stop loss below ( for buy ) the previous low and above the previous top ( for sell )

where is the place of take profit?

we have two way for exiting the profitable positions :

1. have a take profit and exit , you define it yourself , 2 or 3 times more than your stoploss

2.trail the position

A: when your position move in your direction you can trail your position , by the steps of your sl , for example your stoploss is 150 pips , you move your stoploss every 150 pip

B: trail it with considering the support and resistant circles , when circles moving horizontally you trail it by the A part way and when

it the circles get slope you can put your stoplosses 30-60 pips below or above the circles .

You can download the indicator and template from here :

Best regards

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