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Essential Tips For Purchasing Electric Pressure Washers

The most important aspect about buying electric pressure washers is understanding

whether one actually needs an electric pressure washing machine or not. Pressure washing equipment driven by electricity has many advantages. These machines have some disadvantages as well. It is imperative to understand first where using these machines is advantageous and where it is inconvenient.

Best for Indoor Use

Two of the best known benefits of electric pressure washers are lack of noise and exhaust. These machines work efficiently and silently, without causing any discomfort or inconvenience to the people nearby.

The second benefit, no exhaust fumes, is even more important. These pressure washers are fully driven by an electric motor. Their functioning does not involve combustion of fossil fuels. As a result, electric pressure washing machines do not emit any combustion byproducts.

These features make the machines an ideal choice for indoor cleaning. Other machines, especially gas pressure washers, do have combustion exhaust. When such machines are used for cleaning hard surfaces inside a building, the combustion exhaust will increase the humidity level inside the building. Electric pressure washers do not have any such problems.

Not Suitable for Outdoor Use

Though electric machines are the top candidates for indoor cleaning, these are not so good for outdoor cleaning. Gas pressure washers are better equipped to handle outdoor cleaning tasks. It is not because of any performance-related aspect of electric pressure washers.

In fact, both these machines have similar pressure and temperature levels. There are no noticeable differences between these machines in terms of efficiency and performance. But it is not easy to find an electric plug point at a convenient location near outdoor locations.

It is better to use a pressure washer equipped with a combustion engine, rather than an electric motor, to clean hard surfaces in outdoor areas.

Now that the basic selection criteria are fairly well established, it would be suitable to look into the more machine-specific aspects of electric pressure washers.

Output Pressure

The output pressure level of these machines varies widely, depending on the quality and price of the machines. Users can buy pressure washing equipment with a pressure level of 750 psi. They can also buy machines with a pressure level of 8000 psi.

Different cleaning tasks call for pressure washer machines with different pressure levels. For example, while auto detailing requires machines with a pressure level not exceeding 1500 psi, heavy-duty degreasing requires a machine with a pressure level of more than 3000 psi.

In other words, a person must first understand his requirement first before making the final decision about the purchase gas pressure washers.

Output Temperature

This is another important specification of a pressure washing machine. Normally, pressure washers feature three different kinds of output temperatures: cold water, hot water, and steam. Cold water is non-heated water; hot water has a temperature of 210F; and steam has an output temperature of 330F.

Hot water pressure washer is the most popular, and steam pressure washing machine is the most efficient. Tri-mode machines, a relatively recent innovation, offer all three kinds of output temperature.

In steam and hot water pressure washers, the heating element that raises output temperature can be either powered by electricity or the combustion of diesel or some other fuels.

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Essential Tips For Purchasing Electric Pressure Washers