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Ecommerce Tips For 2012

Ecommerce Tips For 2012

We have been here before. As a population looking to make sure we dont miss the latest trend, where we sit now is somewhat familiar. We are looking at new technology, new trends and products and we dont want to get left behind while other people are catching the wave getting rich and looking like marketing geniuses. It is similar to what happened right before the .com bust of 2000. At that time half of the people that tried out their hot new websites went belly up providing the rest of us an opportunity to see what works on the web and what doesnt.

SEO marketing is always on the list. Within SEO marketing, conversion rates are the big thing.

The truly effective people in SEO marketing are concerning themselves with analytics. Instead of simply running a keyword search and filling your content with them. figuring out the analytical tools that are going to benefit your business and making sure that they convert to dollars.

Social media marketing is struggling to get legs.

Everyone sees potential and some are cashing in but no magic bullets yet. But dont miss the boat. Facebook and YouTube are very much a part of the social makeup of our society. And marketers are very aware of how social communication also drives sales. Social media is where all the excitement is. There are a bunch of companies that are now selling their advice on how social media is going to help your business. Including social links is not just trendy but courteous. Everyone likes to pick their own favorite media. And a good marketing effort will accommodate all the ones used by your customers. The hot new term in social media is to make it viral. Meaning make it easy to spread around.

Many marketing companies are declaring e-mail marketing dead in 2012.

This is not an accurate statement. The public has taken a stand on the annoyance of it. And the tools available that allow people to junk it or block it or just delete without a thought have made mass mailing obsolete.

E-mail Marketing is however a vital marketing tool that works very well when following these simple rules.

1. Get on their will receive list . Say something relevant to them.

2. Converse. Dont just monologue and expect them to send money. A transaction is a 2-way street.

3. Make a compelling pitch. Its harder to avoid all the catch phrases and auto responses your industry has but new and compelling is what todays savvy buyers want.

4. Evolving your message to compliment your other online marketing efforts

This year looks like the year when a lot of ecommerce ideas are going from concepts to strategies. A pioneering year of sorts. Ancient truths are the best guideposts. Be relevant. Give a good value. Be courteous. Be active. As always check out your competition. They may have a good idea that you can make better.

by: Bill Hogsworth
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Ecommerce Tips For 2012