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Deal Of The Day: $79.95 For Over $1000 Worth Of Wholesale Christian Book Store Products

Deal Of The Day: $79.95 For Over $1000 Worth Of Wholesale Christian Book Store Products

MarshallTalk has rolled out this massive deal as part of the relaunch of the New

& Improved a Blog + Internet Talk Show + Daily Deals website all-in-one. Marshall the founder of said "The relaunch has been just ok so far, so we decided to take it up a few notches. I figured we should offer a deal that many could appreciate, whether they are supporters of MarshallTalk or not. Because in the past we have received a lot of support from both spiritual people and entrepreneurs I figured why not give them a Deal for the ages and make it last for a week or two." This Deal of the Day does seem a bit over the top considering it is over 90% off retail and includes Free Shipping.

As previously reported MarshallTalk the Internet Call-In Talk Show originally created in 2004 is back after a few years hiatus. MarshallTalk was one of the hottest but controversial independent online Talk Shows early in its existence. Of course, during 2004 through 2006 there were not a lot of Call-in Talk Shows on the Internet, so the Talk Shows extreme popularity could have been a result of minimal competition. has launched a New Marketing campaign that includes extreme Deal of the Day offers and an intense interaction with supporters and non supporters through Social Media. They are hoping the combination of this extreme Deal of the Day and Social Media will help them go Viral again.

Marshall said "The new format is very exciting, especially when I think about not having to worry about losing Sponsors due to something I wrote on the Blog or said on the Talk Show. I have never been one to bite my tongue. I believe honesty and fair debate is crucial to discussing and resolving most issues." Marshall's excitment is due to the new format has taken, they no longer solicit Sponsors. The service is financed by selling Daily Deals with a small mix of Banner Advertising, so the Show doesn't have any official sponsors.

by: Jamey Vaneck

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