» Wholesale Business » Day Trading Tf Emini Futures April 02, 2012 For $3700 In 40 Min.

Day Trading Tf Emini Futures April 02, 2012 For $3700 In 40 Min.

Day Trading Tf Emini Futures April 02, 2012 For $3700 In 40 Min.

Although the stock market is a daily gamble, it is not uncommon to net hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day for an hours worth of work

. Unfortunately many people have gotten wind of the easy money to be made and have decided to venture out and become wealthy, throwing caution to the wind. Those Scottrade commercials on TV just crack me up. Not only do brokerages like that charge you almost double per transaction but they make it sound so easy and simple. Well, it is simple enough to open an account and start trading gambling. The fact of the matter still remains though that 90% of all traders LOSE MONEY. Plain and simple, without a professional trading education you are doing nothing more than gambling, The odds are stacked against you and there is a 90% probability of losing your entire nest egg. Just because you have a drill in your toolbox in the garage doesn't make you a dentist. Nor does the fact that you have a drawer full of knives in the kitchen, make you a surgeon. You can easily obtain trading software and open a trading account, but not by a long shot, does that make you a trader. It takes at least 5 years of tossing darts before a few actually land in the profitable zone often enough to make a decent living. You don't learn to trade profitably on a consistent level by reading books and watching DVDs. You need a professional education before you start playing with your hard earned money. Many people have come to terms with that fact after they have pillaged their nest-egg and thrown their hands up in despair. If this hits home and you decide to continue on your path, you will in all probabilities find someone profitable whose brain you will then pick. It usually takes about 5 years to figure that out. Just a summary from my own experience combined with the thoughts of many others. If you are the exception to the case, well, God Bless. Time and money are a precious resource. Do yourself a financial favor and look into the prospects of getting a professional trading education. You will be money ahead in the long run. Time and money are a precious resource. Stop wasting both and get a decent education to put you on the fast track. Don't plug in that drill or pick up that knife until you have acquired the proper education.

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Day Trading Tf Emini Futures April 02, 2012 For $3700 In 40 Min. Tlalnepantla