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Customer Feedback: Do You Use It To Grow Your Online Home Business?

Customer Feedback: Do You Use It To Grow Your Online Home Business?

Customer feedback is a key aspect in your online home business

. By definition, it is simply the response you get from your customers or website visitors about your work, products and services. It can be either positive or negative. In this article, I would like to share with you on how you can receive your customer feedback and use it to grow your online home business.

But before going any further, do you get any customer feedback? One fact to note is that there are various ways of receiving feedback on your online home business that may include among others recommendations, surveys, testimonials, comments, questions asked, customers' behavior and information about your best or worst selling product or service. How do you get your customer feedback?

Take it from me that the feedback you get from your customers and/or website visitors is a key ingredient to the growth of your business. You should keep yourself aware of what your customers say about your business. It does not only help you to discover how to influence them and to attract more customers but it also helps you to get knowledge on how much others value the products or services you offer and to boost up your own confidence. Additionally, it enables you to develop a good feeling and to become proud of your business. Even where you are not doing well, it enables you to know what you are lacking and how to work on your business to make it more attractive to your customers.

Getting customer feedback is one of the key aspects you should pay attention to in the course of doing your business. It's therefore a good practice to put in place a system that enables you to collect information and to evaluate it regularly. One of the ways I use to gather information is by perusing through all the comments made on my articles posted on my websites as well as other websites. I find comments helpful in that they give me hints and useful information, which I many times use to develop and to make my online business more attractive to the people.

For instance, when I had just started blogging, I received plentiful comments about how I wasn't making any money yet my content was good and how my site was not ranking high in the search engine. I received many business offers from mostly SEO gurus and some of them went ahead to analyze my site in various aspects free of charge. This feedback that came in form of comments opened my eyes in various ways. I was able to know how to work on my blog to make it visible by optimizing my pages at no cost. This in turn helped me to improve greatly in those aspects. You, too, can use your customer feedback to improve in your weak areas.

How do you handle the customer feedback you get through comments? One thing I have always taken important is that I respond to the comments posted on my blog. Of course you do not have to reply to all of them. But you should give a response to the ones you find genuine. This enables you to keep a close relationship with your audience or customers and to add value to your website as well.

The above example is on customer feedback that I had not played an active role in receiving it. But you can also engage your customers to give information by asking them. When asking them, you need to guide them through the kind of questions you ask so that you can get the right information.

As you look for feedback about your online business, you need to focus your mind on what people buy or want to buy, what their expectations are, what is of importance to them in terms of your service delivery and what frustrates them. With that background knowledge, you can thereafter ask them questions that will attract the right information. The onus is on you to learn how to ask the questions that will bring out the right customer feedback.

As I conclude, I would like to remind you that having knowledge of what your customers value about your business is useful for you to create your marketing messages in your marketing campaigns, your brand, your list of attractive benefits, your website and many other marketing messages.

by: Charles Kiyimba
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Customer Feedback: Do You Use It To Grow Your Online Home Business?