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Corporate Conference Call Solutions

Corporate Conference Call Solutions

With numerous conference calling options available at affordable rates

, corporations are able to eliminate a great deal of business travel while also managing telecommunications costs. Among the many solutions available are toll free conference calls, international conference calls, and flat rate conference call plans. Because a true conference calling solution is one that addresses your companys calling needs, its important to explore your options. Among the many considerations are: calling plan type, price, and flexibility.

Conference Calling Plan Types

Several calling plans exist including plans where you can host 800 conference calls so that your clients, employees, and other participants can dial an 800 number; international conference calls where attendees from all over the world can dial a toll free number supported by their respective countries; and unlimited flat rate plans where you can host unlimited conference calls for a single monthly fee.

Toll free conference calls feature an 800 number used to access the conference. These plans are ideal when offering toll free access is important to you. For example, 800 conference calls are commonly used in conjunction with sales and marketing campaigns. Since the teleconference features an 800 number, clients and prospects are more likely to participate in the call.

International conference calls are ideal when your company needs to communicate with employees, partners, vendors, and other entities around the world. With these plans, callers from different countries need a special phone number to connect to the conference. For example, not all 800 numbers work internationally. In addition to ensuring that a phone number can connect international callers to the conference, providing local numbers ensures that participants do not need any special dialing instructions or access codes which could vary from one country to another.

In some instances, providing toll free conference calls doesnt make sense. For example, if your company is part of a multi-company partnership working on solving a common problem, why should your company bear the entire financial burden of the call? By going with a non-toll free call, each company participating in the conference pays its own way.

Flat Rate Conference Call vs. Toll Free Conference Calls

With toll free international and domestic conference calls, the host pays the tolls for all participants. Non-toll free calls spread the cost of the conference call amongst participants with each attendee responsible for their individual toll charges during the teleconference. Unlimited monthly plans typically allow for an unlimited number of non-toll free conference calls each month in exchange for a flat rate conference call fee.

Depending on the telecommunications service provider and the plan you choose, expect to pay either a per minute, per participant fee or a flat monthly fee. Keep in mind that price is only one part of the equation. Equally important are features such as: international support, call quality, call recordings, account management tools, scheduling, and dial out.

Flexible Conference Call Plans

Because a solution is only a solution if it solves your problem, its important to choose a plan that addresses your needs. If you frequently host conference calls and toll free access is not important, going with a flat rate conference call plan may be the smart choice. Likewise, if you deal with an international audience, youll want a plan capable of international conference calls.

Your company may even need a blended service where you can make unlimited non-toll free conference calls as well as host 800 conference calls as needed. With calling needs that fluctuate from one month to another, plan flexibility becomes important. Consider plans that offer flexibility such as pay-as-you-go plans, prepaid toll free conference calls, and plans with no long term contracts. That way, you can solve current conference calling needs now and adjust your plan as your calling needs change later.

Once you understand the types of conference calls your organization needs, you can team up with a telecommunications provider offering corporate conference calling solutions that address your needs.

by: michael framer
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