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Commercial Floors- Why Your Business Needs Regular Professional Cleaning

Commercial Floors- Why Your Business Needs Regular Professional Cleaning

Whether you're a commercial property owner or a tenant

, you'll be well aware of the flooring issues. This is a real business situation, and the idea is to minimize costs, as well as to have a great looking place. The real need is to find the right combination of flooring and maintenance. Professional floor polishing and floor restoration, for example, are very good options.

Commercial flooring and its problems

The trouble with any kind of commercial flooring is that it really takes a pounding, practically every day. Routine cleaning can only keep up. It's not commonly understood that this regular battering is actual physical damage to the floor. Even stone tiles get worn down.

Carpet, porcelain, timber, tiles and polished concrete are the best types of flooring around, but they all have wear issues.

The best the office cleaners can do is try and cope with the damage:

Carpet: ground-in grime, and sheer physical pressure do most of the damage. The carpet fibres are compressed.

Porcelain: Porcelain is tough as floors come, but scratches and the difference in pressures in the high traffic zone affect it over time.

Tiles: Tiles are excellent, hard wearing, and sealed, but microscopic damage can affect them severely. Every year or so, the surface is basically abraded. Small grains of sand and dust from outside scrape them, and the physical weight of traffic does the rest.

Timber: Timber floors are very durable, and have some level of flexibility, which helps take some of the pressure of traffic. The problem is that the finish is effectively sanded by the flow of people and goods.

Polished concrete: Experiencing similar damage to porcelain and tiles, but slightly different, polished concrete experiences much the same wear, but it's progressive. The traffic wears through the polish, and the exposed areas take the worst damage.

The business angle- The cost factors

Replacement, repair and maintenance of some types of flooring can be very expensive. Just what any business doesn't need- Another way of spending money. The flooring solution has to be cost-effective, and reduce the damage to the bottom line. The best option is to lock in costs, and avoid that sort of expenditure as far as possible.

Floor restoration- The easy option

The answer is floor restoration. It's comparatively cheap, prolongs the life of the flooring, and can be schedule and budgeted in advance. An added incentive is that it can also deal with and stop the damage that's causing the extra costs.

The floor restoration process is much more than cleaning. It's a full spectrum rejuvenation of the flooring. Whatever floor you have, its life can be extended, and the damage process stopped.

Tile Cleaning is a good example:

Tiles are cleaned, treated to restore their sealing, and if necessary ground, to create a good consistent surface. This is way beyond the capacity of conventional cleaning, and it's why professional restoration is becoming so popular in malls and retail centres.

If you're having trouble with your floor, call a professional restorer before you commit to expensive replacement. It will save you a fortune.

by: Phil Dermody
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Commercial Floors- Why Your Business Needs Regular Professional Cleaning Ashburn