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Cash For Jewelry Has Become Easier Than Ever

Cash For Jewelry Has Become Easier Than Ever

Thanks to the internet, it's easier than ever to get cash for jewelry - used

, unwanted, or even broken, any piece of jewelry that has real gold in it. It's been done since the 1990s, and is now a legitimate recognized way for people to earn a little extra money from stuff that they don't want or can't wear anymore. The cash for gold business is now mature, but as a consumer you should still exercise due diligence and "do your homework." There are several characteristics of a good company, one that deserves your business because it respects your business. Here are some things to look for.

Make sure the cash for gold company offers a postage pre-paid expedited mailer, usually next-day or two or three-day air, with free insurance for your valuables while in transit. Make sure that the company works quickly, with a quote and payout in days if not hours. You don't want a cash for gold company that takes its time with your valuables! You also don't want one that doesn't have a generous "return policy" in place, just in case you change your mind (hey, we all do from time to time). Finally, it helps to find a company with a track record of positive reviews from independent sources. Selling your gold online is simple and generally hassle-free these days, and following those guidelines above will help keep things that way! But you should realize a few things beyond the basics, too, just for your own information, to give you an idea of the "environment" of this industry.

For starters, consider that the price of gold is at the highest so far in its history. But like all commodities prices fluctuate daily, even hourly. You will probably want to study the market for a week or two before committing yourself, though of course waiting too long can result in the loss of potentially high revenue.

You should also know your gold - that is, the ones you wish to sell. Be sure of the quality of your gold, especially its carats. One of the biggest surprises for many first trying to get cash for their gold is finding out that their jewelry was only gold plated and not solid gold! This is an issue that frustrates many people since they find out their gold was a lie for so long, but the main issue is whether or not it is actually worth something, let it be real gold or just plated. Of course, ascertain that your gold is real gold at all in the first place.

There are many simple tests you can conduct, though of course consulting with a trained and experienced jeweler is best. That way the offered gold can be analyzed justly by professionals to determine whether or not it's acceptable as gold. There are also many formulas and methods to calculate how much the payout can be and that depends on what product you wish to invest in. So don't let anything stop you from selling whatever gold you might have that goes unused and you wish to sell, remember the payment is what counts!

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