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Call Center Outsourcing

Naturally, companies go to great lengths to attract new customers and retain existing clients

. Online marketing and social networking have become new avenues to reach clients. Telemarketing services and customer service continue to be the primary channels through which brand awareness is managed. These core capabilities are frequently handled through call center outsourcing companies. Most call centers can provide both inbound and outbound telemarketing and customer support services. Competition is fierce, and companies must adapt to a rapidly changing global marketplace. As a result, offshore call centers are becoming a more popular means by which companies can improve service and manage costs. Outsourcing telesales services can help your business improve its productivity, and provide 24/7 telemarketing and customer service at a fraction of the cost required to handle these services domestically.

Most outbound call center service providers handle time consuming tasks like hiring telemarketers and customer service representatives. This allows your company to focus on its core competencies. Outbound call centers take the time and resources to perform the hiring process so that you don't have to. Telemarketers undergo thorough testing, training, and practice prior joining your outsourcing campaign. Offshore call centers usually require telemarketers to have a college degree and prior telemarketing and customer service experience prior to being hired. Contact center agents also receive ongoing training through web conferences and conversations with other experienced telesales representatives. This allows your telemarketing agency to provide your company with only highly qualified customer service assistants. Onshore call centres rarely have such high standards for their agents. It is much harder to find college educated telemarketers in countries like the US, England, and Australia, than it is in the Philippines and India. Furthermore, companies which engage outbound or inbound call center companies are encouraged to interact with their offshore agents as often as they feel necessary to familiarize them with their products or services. This is important because whether you hire telemarketers or customer support operators, agents must understand your product or service to truly bring your company value. There are a multitude of studies and surveys that show that training telemarketers prior to launching an outsourcing or outbound telemarketing campaign is one of the most effective methods of increasing sales.

Once your outbound or inbound telemarketing campaign is up and running, it is important to know what to expect. Telemarketing call center agents can be tasked with objectives such as appointment setting, lead generation, order taking, or sales telemarketing.

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